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Patriotic Trick Riding!

Posted by Dahana T.

A Letter From Heaven...

When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not here to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes, filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn't cry,the way you did today,
while thinking of the many things we didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me as much as I love you,
and each time you think of me, I know you'll miss me too.

When tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart
for every time you think of me, I'm right there in your heart.

A Letter from Heaven, Emotional and meaningful ♥

From the original poem written by Alena Hakala Meadows.


Today, November 22nd on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media, Craig and Diane will hold NOTHING back on Obama's EO amnesty for ILLEGALS while still refusing to seal our borders. And they'll also discuss the latest developments out of Ferguson.

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November 4th: a Referendum on Amnesty...November 20th: a Constitutional Crisis in the Making

By: Diane Sori
"Everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. Unfortunately, Washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long." 
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama on the announcement that he would unilaterally initiate immigration reform

NO Obama...NOT everyone agrees with fact two out of three Americans do NOT agree with you and told you so on November 4th but hey, why should 'We the People's' wants mean anything to you...after all, they NEVER have before.

And so now with 'his pen and his phone' lame duck President Barack HUSSEIN Obama...who looked a bit odd and quite glassy-eyed before the cameras...will go as far as he can under the radar of the law to "fix" an immigration system that in reality is NOT actually's just that the laws currently on the books are deliberately and with malice NOT being enforced by Obama and his administration.

Never mind that this man claimed 22 times ( that he could NOT take unilateral executive action on immigration because he does NOT have the Constitutional authority to do so, yet this most miserable of presidents addressed the nation last night saying that is exactly what he will do...moving ever so closer to his ultimate goal of totally destroying our nation from within.

Now allowing almost 5 million "undocumented immigrants" as he calls them...ILLEGALS as we call them...many with a criminal history, some having been deported before, and most being the parents of so-called 'anchor babies' "temporarily" live here in our country without the shadow of being deported hanging over their heads. And he's doing this while they will also get certain 'perks' previously afforded to citizens only...'perks' such as Social Security numbers, work permits, government ID cards, and drivers licenses (making them eligible to vote thanks to Bill Clinton's 1993 'Motor Voter Law' which mandating states to offer on-the-spot voter registration at various government agencies).

And so these multitudes of newly-made LEGAL ILLEGALS, will now openly compete for what few jobs there are...especially low-skilled, low paying jobs but jobs a time when our economy is barely limping along. And with wages for the most part idling in neutral all across the job's board, this action of Obama's is a deliberate and calculated move to take what few jobs there are away from LEGAL American...from citizens already living paycheck to paycheck...that is if they have a paycheck at all...and this action will especially take jobs away from the very people he calls his beloved black brothers.

I sure hope black Americans truly understand the ramifications of what Obama has just done.

\And of course let's NOT forget what's the driving force behind all this...besides being payback for his and his party's shellacking a few short weeks ago...this is all about the muslim who quotes Scripture and his undaunting desire to increase the Democratic voting rolls for generations to come. And with the swipe of his pen, Obama has just 'bought' the party loyalty of people our country would be better off without. People our country would be better off without including the 100,000 muslims he has allowed to enter through the 'back door' so to speak...I just wonder if this executive amnesty order encompasses them as well...just something to think about as terrorist attacks increase here in America with each passing day.

And lest we forget those waiting to come here LEGALLY and those currently involved in the LEGAL process...what happens to they get fast-tracked to citizenship but then that is also against the many gaps to be filled in and what of our borders...absolutely NO mention whatsoever of sealing our borders.

But the bottom line in all this is that we do indeed sit on the verge of a Constitutional crisis for while any sitting president can issue an executive order to put some regulations into effect without Congressional approval, the order must still be supported by Constitutional statute. And granting executive amnesty is absolutely NOT supported by any statute, along with the fact that as president, Obama does NOT have the power to grant or fast-track citizenship or the right to vote. And with his citing the use of 'prosecutorial discretion' to defer deportations as the legal basis for his granting what amounts to 'blanket amnesty' to 5 million ILLEGALS...criminals actually as they broke our laws in the way they came here... nowhere in our Constitution does it say we must allow criminals refuge.

And even that does NOT change an important fact that Congress has NEVER given Obama the power to unilaterally decide which groups of ILLEGALS he will enforce the current immigration laws on and which groups he will give amnesty to...meaning Obama is now actually 'selectively enforcing' as per his own accord the rule of law of our land that is the United States Constitution.

Also, by doing what he is doing Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in effect trying to nullify the current 'on the books' immigration laws, which by the way are federal laws. Thus, these actions of his show that Obama has also violated his oath of in to "faithfully" execute his presidential obligation to uphold the Constitution. And his use of 'prosecutorial discretion' 'CANNOT...I repeat CANNOT...neither nullify nor rewrite a federal statute or law according to his whim, especially laws that existed before he took the oath of the presidency, which the current immigration laws do. The president obligated in enforce the laws, whether he personally agrees with them or NOT. And here is where Obama's Achilles Heel lies for while Obama likes to think himself our king...or America's first dictator...the fact remains that without presidential allegiance, loyalty, and devotion to the rule of the Constitution ...there are indeed grounds to call for his impeachment... that is if Congress stops being afraid of the 'race card' being used against them.

And while his bloviations of last night have Republicans rightfully up in arms, the question remains as to why Obama didn't force through immigration so-called 'reform' during the years he had the Congress painted it that he was too busy cramming the lie that is ObamaCare down our throats...was it that he was too busy bowing down to our enemies as in those out to kill us all...or was it that he was simply too busy going on vacation after vacation and playing round after round of's sadly most likely a combination of all three as this man actually hates these 'brown people' as much as he hates whites and especially his white half. Obama will use them for political expediency as he pushes his socialist agenda forward, and then he'll throw them aside when their usefulness has expired.

So what can Congress do...what can Republicans do? Congress can pass legislation to invalidate this executive action but Obama will just veto whatever they pass or they can defund and take away the monies needed to implement this order as well. But Speaker of the House and RINO extraordinaire John Boehner, as well as incoming Senate Majority Leader and fellow RINO Mitch McConnell, have already said they will do neither as that could force a government shutdown and they are NOT willing to risk that even with Republicans taking control of Congress come January. Or they can play tit-for-tat and make it clear that the new Congress will NOT confirm a single nominee...executive or judicial...except for critical national security long as this Constitutional trampling executive amnesty order remains on the books.

But that is childish and is paramount to playing games...something the Democrats like to that leaves only one viable option and one viable option alone...come January the new Congress MUST...I repeat MUST...impeach Barack HUSSEIN Obama for failing to enforce the current immigration laws on the books as well as the NEVER judicially altered federal statutes, as this president has knowingly, willingly, and with intended malice trampled on the Constitution as he oversteps his bounds and ignores the will of 'We the People.' It's either that or throw up our hands in total surrender as Obama puts out the welcome mat for any and all who wish to come here.

And with that, our Constitution be damned, as the man who thinks himself king becomes just that.


Today, Wednesday, November 19th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS from 2 to 4pm on CPR Worldwide Media, Craig and Diane will be discussing the newest developments in Ferguson, the massacre in Jerusalem and Obama's response to it and to the newest beheading of an American by ISIS, and other all-important issues of the day.

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The Great Ferguson Deception and Lie

By: Diane Sori
"We need to be proactive and to have resources in place in advance of any announcements.” - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

Guess what folks we've all been had. The entire Ferguson brouhaha is NOTHING but a 'dog and pony' show as it has now come to light that Grand Juries in Missouri ONLY meet (except in dire emergencies) on Thursdays. And this Thursday the presenting of the evidence in the Brown case will finally be wrapped up and the jury will ONLY then begin their deliberations...deliberations that can take just a few minutes or stretch on for weeks as they only meet for deliberations, like I said, once a week.
And remember, a verdict was initially only promised for sometime between the middle and the end of November...or later if need be...meaning this NEVER was intended to be a quickly wrapped up case as we were all led...or should I say believe...lied to by the Obama controlled media who still keeps saying ad-nauseum that a verdict is imminent when it probably is NOT. Remember too that the 'State of Emergency' called for by Governor Nixon is to stay in place until December 17th...almost a month away.
Now let's make a few other things do NOT activate the National Guard or activate the State Militias...nor do you declare a 30-day 'State of Emergency'...if you do NOT expect reprisal for a decision NOT to ones liking. You also do NOT order all public schools closed...claiming a snow day when there is NO snow on the ground...nor do you order helicopters to patrol the skies over your effect making it a NO-fly zone..unless you are privy to information the rest of us do NOT have.
And you do NOT hold a press conference to explain the in you do NOT try to pull the wool over our eyes and say a decision has NOT yet be reached without explaining to us the protocol for Missouri Grand Juries as to why. And you do NOT do any of this unless you are placating the race-baiters and white-haters and are yourself part of the plot to make Ferguson 'ground zero' in Obama's so-wanted Second American Civil War...or unless...and this might just be 'We the People's' light bulb moment...unless you needed to construct a media controlled distraction to take the public's eye off the goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

BINGO...Ding Ding Ding..We have winner here folks!

Yet Governor Nixon did all these things and more as tensions in Ferguson, Missouri are reaching a crescendo and have NOWHERE to go but to explode. And so with all the 'you do NOT dos' it becomes me at least...that Missouri's Democratic Governor is taking his orders from the White House...from the very man who recently told the Ferguson troublemakers "to stay their course" when on November 5th he secretly met with a number of 'high-profile' black protesters, including racist bar none Al Sharpton.

Now enter center stage some of the street protesters themselves who are as tired as we are of waiting for a decision that seems like it will NEVER come... and now we know why. Vocally demanding a verdict be announced NOW...of course NOT knowing about the Missouri Grand Jury becomes obvious that the delay in announcing the decision NEVER had anything to do with Governor Nixon wanting to protect the homes and businesses of Ferguson's own, but everything to do with hiding the facts about said protocol. And with that protocol deliberately NOT having been told to 'We the People' on day one...especially the fact that the Grand Jury meets only one day a week... logic dictates who is behind this cover-up, and it can be summed up in three little words...Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

So while the protesters still think the delay has to do with protecting an officer they believe to be the villain NOTHING could be further from the truth as Governor Nixon himself gave the truth away without his even knowing it. Saying he did NOT want the verdict announced until next Saturday night, Nixon cleverly tried to keep our focus on Ferguson for the next five days or so, all while Obama sneakily uses 'his pen and his phone,' probably by week's end, to make 4.5 million ILLEGALS suddenly LEGAL. 

Called 'blanket amnesty' this is his payback for the shellacking he and his party took a few short weeks ago. And this payback includes the Obama-made LEGAL ILLEGALS being given immediate access to welfare and other public benefits...including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security...a government ID card, and even to the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). And this all translates into one big 'screw-you' to 'We the People' as our nation's monetary solvency goes right down the tubes as Obama gives these 'people' permission to rape our welfare and health care systems even more than they already do. And all being done as our eyes stay focused on Ferguson, Missouri.
Also, by cleverly forcing our focus to stay on Ferguson, the net neutrality issue...along with its ensuing heavy tax...also looms large, but for the most part ignored, on the horizon. And dare we forget ObamaCare with its soon to be major premium payment increases also is being downplayed as NOT so important as the media and Democratic Governor Nixon continue to craft the story about a verdict that will remain the front and center focus of the news.
Ferguson, while important, could have faded away if NOT for the media making a hero out of a thug...making the good guy...a police officer...the villain. And while blame for what's happening in Ferguson now falls squarely on the shoulders of the race-baiters and white-haters stirring up the pot, it's been the media that has kept the story going...just like they did when they blew the Ebola threat to our nation way out of proportion.

When the shooting first happened it was indeed news, but by feeding into the mob frenzy by showing pictures of Michael Brown as a sweet little boy...just like they did with Trayvon Martin...instead of showing the six foot three inch thug and hoodlum he was today, the media actually tainted the story by painting the one killed as a child...NEVER mind that Brown was NO child but was a juvenile offender who by age 18 already had a rap sheet that the media dare NOT reveal...or more likely was told NOT to reveal.

Continually showing their bias in favor of anyone black...NO matter the crime or who was really to can be witnessed in their deliberately NOT reporting black on white crime...the media actually tried the officer in the court of public opinion before the Grand Jury even had a chance to deliberate...finding him guilty NO matter tangible evidence and eye-witness accounts that showed otherwise. And why did the media do this...the answer once again comes down to three little words...Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

Remember, the alphabet media...and to some extent even FOX News has joined in the sensationalized countdown to the verdict aspect of this in Obama's pocket as they do his and the left's bidding at the drop of a hat. And all because they dare NOT cross America's 'supposed' first black president...the man who claims, "I am NOT the emperor of the United States" who in reality is as he and his regime yield enough power to force the cover-up of important facts and doing it with the aid of the media, and now with (I believe) the aid of the governor of the state who is the center of a brewing race war.
Today, Wednesday, November 19th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS from 2 to 4pm on CPR Worldwide Media, Craig and Diane will be discussing the newest developments in Ferguson, the massacre in Jerusalem and Obama's response to it and to the newest beheading of an American by ISIS, and other all-important issues of the day.

Amnesty by Executive Order

"You cannot simply issue decrees, we don't rule by decree in this country."
- Charles Krauthammer FOX News political commentator

In a few days Barack HUSSEIN Obama will deliberately tear our country apart as pay-back for the Election Day shellacking he and his party received.

Granting legal status to roughly 4.5 million what he refers to as 'undocumented immigrants'...who in reality are ILLEGAL criminals who need to be sent home as many of them are guilty of serious criminal acts beyond just their ILLEGALLY...will soon have their names added...along with tens of thousands of others just like the Democratic voter rolls and help to keep Democrats in control of the government for years to come. And these people will NOT just be added to voter rolls but now will also be able to have their names added to the currently falling union membership rosters...helping to keep Obama's hand in the union pot so to well as guarantee their undying loyalty to the party by adding them to the welfare and other government subsidies rolls as well.

By Obama's granting what he calls 'legal status' to ILLEGAL-alien parents of U.S. born (citizen) children, as well as expanding his 2012 executive order known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)...which granted deferred action (delaying or halting deportation) to illegals who met certain requirements and criteria and who came to the U.S. before the age of 16 and arrived before now include those who arrived before 2010...translates into Obama willfully going against the wishes of two out of three American citizens.

Now essentially suspending deportation for almost a full half of the ILLEGALS currently residing in this country, the Republicans are mad as hell over what should be a collaboration between Congress and the president, but has now become Obama going it alone via 'his pen and his phone' instead of giving the newly elected Congress a modicum of a chance to try for a solution to the ILLEGAL problem...a solution that is as simple as enforce the laws already on the books.

In fact, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus has called on Republicans in the House to stop Obama's actions through the budget process. Remember, the Republicans still control the House even with this sitting Congress so they can defund in full the monies needed to implement Obama's plan thus rendering it null and void. And a growing number of House Republicans...led by Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona...have already signed a letter to the Republican hierarchy that insists the party include language in the upcoming 'for vote' spending bill to prevent this most anti-American of all presidents from taking any and all unilateral action on immigration.

And this what amounts to amnesty...for amnesty is what Obama's executive order will truly convey...will take jobs away from already struggling American workers...and really does make a mockery of the Obama heralded jobs numbers that are anything but truthful, for the fact remains that one out of four American workers is currently unemployed. The 5.9 percent current unemployment figures touted by the Obama administration does NOT take into effect those who've stopped looking for work, along with those relegated down to part-time employees because their employers could NOT afford to cover them insurance wise thanks to the abomination that is ObamaCare.

And who will be hurt the most by Obama's circumnavigating Congress with this amnesty action...none other than his blind-following sheeple including low-skilled black American workers, especially young black men who are more likely to be part of the low-skilled labor force than are white men of the same age. Of note is the fact that black worker's wages have been the slowest to rebound from the recession, and when you add in that what few low-skilled jobs there are available will now be taken away from them by these newly Obama-made LEGAL ILLEGALS, black Americans are starting to see the truth behind the man who claims to be one of them.

Finally seeing that these people will be granted the work permits, photo IDs, and Social Security numbers needed to allow them to take said jobs and benefits away, black workers will now be forced to compete for those very jobs that these ILLEGALS would NEVER have been considered for it's NO wonder that blacks have NOT taken all too kindly to Obama's recent round of stump speeches.

So I guess it's adieu to Obama's phony love fest for his black brethren as his upcoming action will prove once and for all that he does NOT care about them if they were muslim that would be a different story...just saying.

And as far as the legalities of what Obama is planning on doing let it be known that executive ordered amnesty is indeed a violation of the Constitution for NOWHERE in our founding document...the document that is the law of our land...does it grant the president authority to issue an executive order whose sole purpose is to unilaterally overturn a law or laws currently on the books. In fact, Article II grants the president only the power to execute laws, NOT write or change laws simply because he cannot get Congress to march in lock-step with him. And since Article I vests all lawmaking power to the Congress, that means that Congress and Congress alone can grant amnesty per se. Remember, amnesty is NOT a pardon which presidents do have the authority to do and so love to do before leaving office.

So the bottom line is that if Barack HUSSEIN Obama does indeed follow through with this threat...and make NO mistake this executive order is both a threat and a vengeful act of would be just one more criminal and highly ILLEGAL act to add to the long and growing list of impeachable offenses that this sitting Congress is just too afraid of the race card to act upon...and that is the saddest thing of all.

Today, Saturday, November 15th from 11am to 1pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media Craig and Diane will discuss the newest developments in the Grand Jury delay along with the probable impending riots in Ferguson MO, Obama's upcoming executive order concerning amnesty and his possible impeachment, and other important issues of the day.

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Riding Upon the Chariot of Long Ago Gods

By: Diane Sori

“We are there...We are sitting on the surface... Philae is talking to us...We are on the comet.”
- Stephan Ulamec, Philae lander manager

Man's ingenuity knows few bounds except for the ones some put on imagination and on the quest for knowledge through exploration. Just NOT understanding that if man stops exploring... especially in reaching for the will stagnate and grow complacent. And with complacency comes contempt, and the outcome of contempt is that it destroys the very concept of exceptionality.

But this past Wednesday that sad truth was thankfully put aside as the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta mission came to a very successful end. After a seven hour wait where NO transmissions were received, the team in charge achieved what many thought would be an impossible task as a robotic spacecraft ...after a ten-year 300 million mile journey that cost $1.8 billion...landed on a comet for the first time in history.

At 11am EST...Philae 'called home,' if you will, signaling it had arrived safe and sound at its intended destination atop comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, named after the two astronomers who identified it in 1969. Now anchored onto the comet, the Philae probe will study what happens as the comet's activity increases as it gets closer to the sun, and hopefully will unlock some details about how the planets... and maybe even life itself...evolved. Life itself for comets preserve within their interior certain organic molecules dating back to the formation of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago...that's 4.6 billion years ago NOT 6,000 years ago as 'some' erroneously believe...and this happens by Philae 'seeing' the molecules chemical composition from below the surface like one would view a time-capsule.

In fact, some scientists believe comets like 67P brought water to our newly formed Earth, because the rocky pieces that came together to form this planet were dry, so logic would dictate that water had to have come from somewhere else and that maybe Earth’s oceans are filled with so-called 'melted' comets. Interesting hypothesis...huh. Going a step further, could Philae possibly prove the 'panspermia theory'...a theory that proposes that 'simple' (microscopic) life arrived on Earth via a comet or asteroid...simple life that then over time 'evolved' into more complex life in in homo sapiens. Perhaps...

Now let's NOT get all religious on me here as what I'm writing in this article is from a purely scientific and tangible perspective alone, and in NO way is meant to demean the faithful. And that includes the ubber far right who think of themselves as 'God's police.'

To many will claim why did ESA bother to send anything to a comet that is just going to eventually be swallowed up by the sun...what a waste of money they say. These are the very same people who pooh-poohed America's Apollo missions to the Moon...the very same people who lambasted the funds spent on the Space Shuttle...and who continuously whine why does man need to go back to the Moon or ever go to Mars.

I'll tell you why we need to keep exploring space and it goes well beyond man's basic and genetically programmed need to explore...take a look around at your everyday life because guess have NASA and the space program to thank for the things you take for granted.

Here are but a few of the many things per category that we use in our everyday lives that we could NOT or want NOT to do without that came about via NASA and space exploration.

In the medical field, first and foremost is the CAT Scan. Now used to detect cancer in people and animals, this 'imaging' machine was developed to find imperfections in space components. Next is the Ear Thermometer, something parents of young children could NOT do without. Today these commonly-used thermometers are routinely used in hospitals, but the technology that led to their development came from a camera-like lens that detected infrared energy used to measure radiation emanating from stars and planets. And let's NOT forget Light-Emitting Diodes (LED). Developed by NASA, the red light-emitting diodes were first used to grow plants in space, but is now used in medical devices for muscle and joint pain relief due to arthritis and muscle spasms as well as it being used to combat symptoms of bone atrophy, multiple sclerosis, diabetic complications, and Parkinson's disease.

And so critical to those awaiting heart transplants, NASA in collaboration with Dr. Michael DeBakey, Dr. George Noon, and MicroMed Technology Inc. invented the Ventricular Assist Device which pumps blood until a donor heart becomes available. The pump's small size which can can operate for up to 8 hours on batteries, allows patients the ability to do normal, everyday activities untethered to the more commonly seen very large VAD devices.

In the field of computer technology and know the computer you're reading this article on...while the first integrated circuit...the forefather of the modern microchip...was built by Texas Instruments, it was built for and funded by the Apollo program to use in the Apollo Guidance Computer, and in the Air Force's Minuteman Missile Project as was the computer 'mouse.' And now comes the first ever quantum computer that NASA hopes will be able to solve problems faster than any computer using currently known optimization algorithms. Also, NASA software engineers have created thousands of computer programs over the decades equipped to design, test, and analyze stress, vibration, and acoustical properties of a broad assortment of aerospace parts and structures.

And your beloved 'smartphone' comes from technology that NASA used to send satellites into Earth's orbit to monitor space and communicate with scientists on the ground. Well, this technology was adopted to over 200 communication satellites that connect us via our 'smartphones' to everyone else with a 'smartphone'...or any phone for that matter.

And here are but a few things we take for granted but things we could NOT do least most people couldn't. Let's start with home insulation. Still in use in the reflective material that protects spacecrafts from radiation, this technology filtered down to private sector use in the guise of the 'fuzzy pink stuff' that keeps heat in our homes in winter and keeps the heat out in summer. And how about the scratch resistant lenses used in our eyeglasses, ski goggles, and such that were derived from the technology used in astronauts helmet visors which now makes our lenses 10X more scratch resistant. And let's NOT forget the water filters most of us have in our homes, especially in areas of our country where 'hard water' is the norm...well NASA is the one who pioneered filter technology as a way to purify the water and kill the bacteria in the water our astronauts take into space.

And let's NOT forget that the life-saving, but sometimes extremely annoying, 'adjustable' smoke detector is a NASA innovation as well. And along the lines of saving lives, NASA was the first to develop fire-resistant materials which are NOT only used in space suits and space vehicles, but are currently used in firefighters suits, and are even used in children's pajamas and clothes. And speaking of children...the video game 'joy stick' gamers could NOT do without was first used on the Apollo Lunar Rover.

And while NASA also invented the cushioned insoles used in today's athletic shoes via the padding used in astronauts boots, NASA is also responsible for the work-out equipment so many of us use weekly if NOT daily. These are the machines used in fitness gyms, school athletic departments, and by physical therapists, and were developed by NASA to keep the astronauts physically fit by preventing muscle atrophy that would otherwise occur in the zero gravity environment of the space ships they are passengers on.

NASA is also 'green' conscious, if you will, as their surplus rocket fuel is used to produce a flare that can safely destroy land mines without negatively impacting the environment. Adding to NASA's 'green' conscious is their development of a solid oil-free lubricant (PS300) capable of operating machines at high temperatures with increased reliability, lowered weight, reduced maintenance, lower friction, reduced emissions, all while increasing power and productivity, allowing this lubricant to be used in advanced aeropropulsion engines, refrigeration compressors, turbochargers, and hybrid electrical turbogenerators.

And dare we forget that the concept of modern solar energy use is also the brainchild of NASA and the space program. Originated with a NASA sponsored 28-member coalition of companies, government groups, universities, and non-profits forming the 'Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology Alliance' (ERAST), NASA intended to develop an unmanned aircraft that was able to maintain high altitude flight for days at a time by harnessing the sun's energy for power, and their proposed technology for said aircraft morphed into the solar panels we all see in use today.

And there are so many more contributions NASA has made that are applicable to our daily lives (spin-off technologies) ranging from infant formulas, enriched baby foods that mimic breast milk, 'life-like' artificial limbs, long-lived freeze dried foods that are favored by survivalists, memory foam, emergency 'space blankets', the Dustbuster, cochlear implants, single-crystal silicon solar cells, video enhancing and analysis systems, aircraft anti-icing systems, and over 1,650 other commercial products and services in the fields of computer technology, environment and agriculture, health and medicine, public safety, transportation, recreation, and industrial productivity.

So while some claim that wasting all that money chasing a comet is money down the drain, just remember all the saving and life enhancing things...that would NOT be in existence today if it was NOT for those brave men and women who dared to reach for the stars, to explore the unknown, to enter the realm of the long ago gods. ed-riding-upon-chariot-of-long-ago_14.html


Today from 2 to 4pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media Craig and Diane will discuss the possible impending riots in Ferguson MO, Obama's trip to China, the now infamous "stupid American people" comment made by the architect of ObamaCare, and other important issues of the day.

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Tying Obama's Lies Together

By: Diane Sori

So many much betrayal on so many levels...and now threats against Congress to do his amnesty reform bidding or else. And this man is still president...all I can say is...why.

Let's examine four current issues out of the countless many that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has betrayed or lied to 'We the People' about.

First, let's start with Obama's playing the 'race card' as he so loves to do, as he is now pushing the envelope with his helping to perpetrate the lie about racism in Ferguson, Missouri yet this lame-duck Congress remains mum to it all. After the justified shooting by one white police officer of one black thug, (I believe) Obama's cleverly crafted plan to orchestrate a 'race war' over false accusations of racism was set in motion by he and his cronies. After the residents of Ferguson ignored the reality that the officer acted in self-defense, professional paid agitators started turning up in Ferguson... agitators like the New Black Panthers that Obama and his crony AG Eric 'Fast and Furious' Holder looked away to as they dismissed then white-washed...pun intended...charges of voter intimidation leveled against them.

And isn't it odd that amongst the agitators who turned up in Ferguson are reported to be a number of the 'supposed' misplaced by the government Mexican ILLEGALS...most of whom are gang members, thugs, and hoodlums and possibly armed with guns secured during the 'Fast and Furious' fiasco. And now imagine the threatened violence becoming reality if the grand jury finds NO reason to indict Officer Darren Wilson...which I believe will be the case if the jury has NOT been 'bought' that is...and some innocent person gets killed by one of those weapons...that would then lay at Obama's feet as well.

Now in China at the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Summit to try and cut deals with Asian-Pacific leaders to work against a Chinese-proposed free trade Obama's chagrin the APEC leaders instead of siding with the U.S. and with his proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (as they previously would have done) agreed to a Chinese proposed two-year study of the Free-Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific rim. Yet even after being so outwardly rebuffed, this man still allowed deals to be made that extending Chinese visas in our country but NEVER brought up American journalistic freedoms of reporting in China in this deal...shades of NEVER mentioning Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi in all his phone calls to Mexico's President Nieto I would say.

And all this was done after he dressed in Chinese attire...pandering I would suppose...and bowed his head to communist Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. Remember, Obama has a long and tainted history of bowing to foreign leaders, especially to Arab leaders and America's he forgets...on purpose I'm sure...that an American president bows to NO one. Now happily relishing in further embarrassing the U.S. on the world stage with that deep bowing of his head to the Chinese president, this sitting Congress while NOT actually bowing their heads to the traitor-in-chief instead chooses to turn their heads sideways and look away.

And let's NOT forget Obama's stance on the issue of net neutrality. Saying that, "an open Internet is essential to the American economy, and increasingly to our very way of life," what Obama is NOT saying is that most believe that net neutrality does NOT help anyone because it prevents people from doing so-called 'legitimate' things on the internet. And if Obama is a proponent of something, you just know that something has to be bad for America.

Remember, net neutrality is just another way to control 'We the People' and what we have access to. And while most Americans erroneously believe net neutrality is just a way of making sure that the internet is NOT censored...thanks to the Obama controlled media telling us neutrality is actually a way of allowing internet providers themselves to filter and censor content that 'they' and 'they' alone think is illegal, or slow down content that 'they' think is taking up too much cyber-space. This in turn gives the federal government controlled FCC way too much power over the internet 'superhighway' allowing them to dictate what 'We the People' can or CANNOT see.

As Texas Senator Ted Cruz says, "Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government," and I so agree that net neutrality is simply a government takeover of the internet...meaning that the internet would be regulated like any other public utility. And we all know how Obama loves to regulate our lives, so much so that he is advocating to reclassify internet providers and regulate them under Title II of the Communications Act. Fitting right into his plan to further regulate every aspect of our lives, Obama has once again betrayed the trust we should have in our president.

And lastly, Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man who claimed his administration would be the most transparent in history put it simply...a liar...a calculatingly deceitful and malicious liar whose goal is to hurt 'We the People' any way he can. As per the recent statement by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber, who admitted that the legislation was "intentionally complex and misleading" in order to pass Congress with limited outrage from the “stupid American public"...Obama's lies in his 'supposed' selling points included his true Pinocchio moment when he stood before the "stupid American public" and said if you like your health care plan and doctors you could keep your health care plan and doctors, and we bought it hook, line, and sinker.

And when you add in the lies told about the average premiums under ObamaCare decreasing by about $2,500 in the first year alone...the lies about ObamaCare being budget-neutral as it was neither a tax nor a penalty...the lies about 'death panels' that do indeed exist...just ask any cancer patient trying to get into the limited number of clinical trials left after those trials have been pillaged raw so their monies could be funneled into yet more freebies and handouts for the party loyal 'sponges' of our can see that the lies about his deemed signature piece of legislature were done solely to screw the "stupid American public."

And while there are so many more instances where this president has betrayed and lied to the American people one fact remains...Congress as it now sits is complicit in his lies and betrayals as they have done NOTHING to stop him or call him to task. Hopefully though with Tuesday's shellacking things might least I have my fingers crossed that they do but I'm NOT holding my breath that they will.

Today from 2 to 4pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media Craig and Diane will discuss the possible impending riots in Ferguson MO, Obama's trip to China, the now infamous "stupid American people" comment made by the architect of ObamaCare, and  other important issues of the day.

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To Riot or NOT to Riot...the Question of the Day

By: Diane Sori
"Prepare for the worst."  
Ferguson, Missouri Mayor James Knowles

Everyone is on edge as the clock ticks down, for today is the day that the grand jury's decision on whether to indict or NOT indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting that killed 18-year old thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri will be announced.

Having ordered new riot gear, re-stocked their supply of tear gas, and having held special training seminars concerning riot control, Ferguson police are indeed bracing for the worst as the verdict from 'leaked' reports appears to show that Officer Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown. And with forensic evidence proving that it was either Wilson take down Brown or he himself be killed by the 300 pound six foot two inch hoodlum, this should be a closed case. In fact, the recently released to the public forensic report showed Brown’s blood on Wilson’s gun, thus giving much credence to Officer Wilson's claim that at one point he was pinned in his vehicle and engaged in a struggle with Brown for control of said gun.

However none of in the truth...matters when the race-baiters are out for blood...out for blood as payback for the Trayvon Martin verdict...or so many claim.

And of course true to form Obama had to stick his two-cents in...just like he did in the Trayvon Martin case itself as well as in its aftermath...when just this past Friday he spoke by phone with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to get an 'update on the situation' after the Justice Department...Eric Holder's hate-whitey Justice Department...briefed him on federal efforts to assist state and local governments if and when need arose.

The last thing Ferguson, Missouri needs is any assistance from this racist administration, especially when it also appears that Officer Wilson will NOT face civil rights charges either, because federal investigators have said evidence to date does NOT support these charges being brought against him...making Obama and his minions...including the media who thrive on the hate to sell newspapers and drive up TV ratings...NOT happy at all.

So you just know that when Officer Wilson is (hopefully) NOT indicted, the 'animals' if you will, will be out in full-force coming up against heavily fortified and armed police officers and National Guard troops, whom the governor ordered deployed to Ferguson in rightful anticipation of rioting breaking out. And why is large-scale rioting expected to happen...simply because every time a verdict is handed down that racist blacks and 'guilt-ridden over slavery' liberal whites do NOT agree with, rioting and looting starts. But this time it will be far worse for the New Black Panthers are already in Ferguson playing to and revving up the mob mentality crowds, as are the outside instigators that (I believe) the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder...with Obama's approval...has had bussed in.

In fact, violence is so expected that Ferguson residents and business owners have been told to board up their homes and businesses and get out of town...and how sad is it that as all this is over one hoodlum...who had just robbed and strong-armed a shopkeeper and who was trying to kill a police officer. And herein lies the crux of the problem for in today's America...thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his cohorts setting race relations back 50+ years or more...the black man is always innocent and the white man is always guilty NO matter the crime, the circumstances involved, or the verdict rendered.

And this scenario entirely stems from race-baiting black 'supposed' leaders being successful in instilling 'collective guilt' into the liberal white consciousness over the act of slavery that ended over 150 years ago. Ended over 150 years ago meaning that NO one alive today...or anyone from the generation before this one or even the one before that...had anything whatsoever to do with one from this generation or the preceding few generations owned slaves, abused slaves, or sold slaves...period.

Yet instilling guilt over acts that happened generations ago is used...or should I say the justification for allowing and then excusing boys being anything but boys. Forgetting that slavery is one of the oldest successful businesses of sorts known to man and that all races, nationalities, and religions have practiced slavery and have themselves been slaves at one time or another during the course of history, today's race-baiters use the acts of slavery that occurred in America's past as the justification for and the reason why people of color today do the rioting and looting that always seems to follow legal verdicts they do NOT like or agree with.

And what's so sad about all this is that when the rioting and looting does happen it always happens to the very businesses owned by the very people whose ancestors were the ones who were the slaves. Makes NO sense now does it yet for those who think this a justifiable reason as to why this happens it then becomes, in their minds, our collective white duty to reward these actions by looking away and excusing those who are the descendants of the victims of acts committed many generations ago.

Look away as they demand monetary remuneration for things that NEVER personally happened to them.

And herein enters the likes of those like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and many others, including Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who help fuel this guilt NOT because they give a damn about their own people, but because for them the guilt becomes something they can play and manipulate for profit, as racism whether perceived or real is indeed big business. And make NO mistake about it, the actions that have happened and probably will again happen in Ferguson, Missouri are lining these white-hater's pockets.

And when you add in how the media is a big part of the problem in that they willingly choose to ignore the overwhelming number of violent black on white crimes choosing instead to focus on and cover ad-nauseum the much smaller number of white on black crimes, you just know the stage has been set for Ferguson, Missouri, to become ground zero for violence unseen in decades...for violence the race-baiters will excuse because of perceived past sins which the media will help promote...they too strictly for profit.

And if the feared does become reality the biggest losers will be the good people of Ferguson who are, for all intents and purposes, being held hostage by those who are NOT even residents of their city. With a mindset and voices angrily spewing that either the indictment comes down 'their' way...and 'their' way means whitey is charged with the murder of an anything but innocent black thug...or they will burn Ferguson down to the ground...there really can be NO winners here, especially the people of Ferguson for it will be their city and their businesses that become the victims of deliberately set in motion misguided for profit vigilantly 'so-called' justice.

So now we wait for 2pm when we will know if truth wins out over fear and threats or if fear and threats help turn an innocent man's life upside down all because of the color of 'his' skin. And while I know that if the fear and threats win out in order to help quell the threatened violence, it's the truth alone that in the end will help set things right again. And truth above all else would be the best thing for a city and its people on the cusp of deliberately being thrown into the racial bonfire where there are NEVER any winners...NEVER any winners at all. 

Drop That Plate Right NOW ➡ 90-year-old Florida Man Charged For Feeding Homeless People

(CNN) -- Arnold Abbott handed out four plates of food to homeless people in a South Florida park. Then police stopped the 90-year-old from serving up another bite.

"An officer said, 'Drop that plate right now -- like I had a weapon,'" Abbott said.

Abbott and two pastors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were charged for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the city's first crackdowns under a new ordinance banning public food sharing, CNN affiliate WPLG reported.

Now they face possible jail time and a $500 fine, WPLG said.

Despite some criticism from homeless advocates, city officials have vowed the new rules will be enforced.

"Just because of media attention we don't stop enforcing the law. We enforce the laws here in Fort Lauderdale," Mayor Jack Seiler told WPLG.

He defended the law in an interview with the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. More

HORRIBLE ➡ Black Teacher Tells Whites To Kill Themselves Over Ferguson Tweet ➡ Explicit Language

A teacher at Duncanville High School in Texas allegedly sent the following disgusting tweet, telling “dumb duck a** crackers” to “kill themselves” if they disagree with her opinions on recent events in Ferguson, Mo.

Massive Government Cover-Up ‽‽‽

It’s becoming increasingly apparent President Barack Hussein Obama will eschew our constitutional system of separation of powers and coequal branches of government to implement immigration reform by executive order — completely unconstitutional and represents rule by edict, not governance by rule of law.

This isn’t just bad policy, it’s a complete violation of policy due to abject belligerence and tyrannical rule. However, it wasn't too long ago I posed a question — what if the Obama administration policy of allowing an influx of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into America this summer and subsequently dispersing them was related to the mysterious respiratory illness afflicting American children — known as the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) – in effect a form of biological warfare?

Of course, yours truly was pummeled by those who just don’t want anything to be questioned — even if it’s a policy that has led to the deaths of American children.

This week, Judicial Watch reported, “The “humanitarian crisis” concocted by President Obama to let tens of thousands of illegal immigrant minors stay in the U.S. has fueled a deadly respiratory virus epidemic that’s struck American kids across the country and killed at least nine. Virtually nonexistent in the U.S. before the recent influx of illegal alien minors, the lethal Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is associated with severe respiratory illness and is known to come from Central America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from mid-August to the end of October state public health laboratories have confirmed a total of 1,105 people in 47 states and the District of Columbia with respiratory illness caused by EV-D68. What the agency conveniently omits is that the deadly virus was first discovered in cities with large numbers of relocated illegal immigrant minors, officially identified by the government as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC).” More



Today, November 8th at 11am to 1pm on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media, Craig and Diane will be discussing the newest developments coming out of Ferguson, Missouri as we await Monday's Grand Jury verdict. Also being discussed will be the ramifications of Tuesday's election, as well as other news of the day.

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Stopping Obama's Executive Orders

By: Diane Sori

“But what I’m not going to do is just wait for the GOP to pass an immigration bill." - Barack HUSSEIN Obama at Wednesday's press conference after being steamrolling by the Republicans  
Whew...we did it and we did it BIG! The Republicans are back in control of the Senate and have the largest majority in the House since the Hoover era. In other words, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his failed politics and policies have, for the most part, been rendered politically impotent.

But true to form, at Wednesday's press conference, Obama tried to blame everybody but himself for the Republican steamrolling his politics and policies got. Saying, "The election results are clear. I still have a mandate for my polices from the two-thirds of Americans who didn't vote," Obama just does NOT get that it's quite the opposite...those NOT voting were his very own sheeple, kool-aders, and party loyalists.

And with the Republican victory...a victory BIGGER than even the talking heads had predicted...America loudly told Obama that they totally reject him and his politics and policies. And with the Republicans now giving new meaning to the words 'lame duck,' this most miserable excuse of a president still, unfortunately, has the power of the veto along with his infamous 'pen and phone'...which gives him the ability to issue Executive Orders ad-nauseum. And we know Obama will issue a plethora of Executive Orders as 'payback' revenge... to hurt 'We the People' for daring to cross him by voting against him. And while Executive Orders are technically policy or procedure issued by the president that apply only to Executive Branch employees...they are now being used to direct certain 'tasks or actions' to Cabinet members along with some Executive Orders having the 'force of law' after being approved by the Senate and/or the House...and it's this approval that must be stopped.

But even with all this leeway of sorts, Obama is forgetting two important things... Congress knows that his Executive Orders come from a desire to bypass them and that just like Executive Orders can be made into law they also can be overturned... that is if this new Congress is serious about undoing the damage this man has done to our country. First thing they must understand is that any Executive Order that has any effect on individuals that are NOT government employees is a violation of Article I Section I of the Constitution, meaning Congress has a responsibility to both 'We the People' and the Constitution to veto any Executive Order that has any effect on any non-governmental employees.

And while Executive Orders, most of the time, are quite innocuous in their intent even though they might be used to create major policy changes, we must fear Obama's Executive Orders for they are maliciously and deliberately being used against the American people for nefarious purposes. Case in point...Obama plans before this year's end to grant amnesty to at least 11 million ILLEGALS currently residing in this country and doing so through Exec­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­utive Order even though two out of three Americans are opposed to this.

And while there is NO specific provision in the Constitution that permits amnesty per se, there is a "grant of executive power" given in Article II of the Constitution which allows Obama some degree of 'discretionary power' in issuing this order if he deems it to be both 'necessary and proper.'  In fact, Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives Obama broad pardon powers even to those breaking federal laws, however, this is negated by the fact that Obama has NOT enforced the immigration laws currently on the books. And with Article II Section 3 listing the duties of the president, the next from last clause clearly states that “the president must take care that laws are faithfully executed." So if Obama modifies in any way the current immigration laws on the books through Executive Order, or if he chooses to selectively enforce only certain provisions of said laws through Executive Order, he is then in direct violation of this clause thus making his Executive Order null and void.

And adding to Obama's possible chagrin is the fact that Executive Orders...even those orders issued by the man who thinks himself America's king...are subject to judicial review. And this means Obama's Executive Orders can be struck down and rendered null and void if the Supreme Court deems said orders to be unsupported by statute. And this is one critical reason why Obama wants to stack the highest court in our land with left-leaning liberal judges.

And with any Executive Order issued by Obama needing to find support either in the Constitution through a clause granting him a specific power, or by the delegation of said power by Congress to him...if said support cannot be found and Obama issues the order anyway, Congress itself can overturn the Executive Order by simply overturning parts of the order instead of going after the finalized order itself. For example, if the Executive Order is based on a statute, Congress can change that statute, thus nullifying the order. Or Congress can refuse to fund any activities that derive from all or part of said order. And the only way this would NOT apply is if Obama acts according to an exclusive power granted to him by the Constitution.

Simply, this means that any of Obama's Executive Orders can be overturned by either the Supreme Court through a specific case brought in front of them, or by Congress passing legislation that would conflict with the order by their refusing to approve or appropriate funding to enforce the order.

And while Obama could and would veto any such ruling from Congress, Congress can still override his veto with a two-thirds majority that would nullify any Executive Order he issued. And even with the huge Republican win this past Tuesday, such an action would still require a super majority vote...meaning some Democrats would have to crossover and vote with the Republicans. But please remember, this is NOT an impossibility as the Democrats coming up for re-election in 2016 might fear the mandate 'We the People' just sent to Obama and the left enough to realize that they would be next if they went against the wishes of the American people and sided with the now politically toxic Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

But there is another way Obama could grant amnesty to the 11 million ILLEGALS if he chose NOT to go the Executive Order route...he could issue a 'policy directive' but that too would give Congress the same authority to get rid of all or part of said directive the same way they could override an Executive Order...that is if they have the backbone to ignore the race card that would be thrown at them and do so.

So while Obama keeps bloviating that he thinks it's safe to say that he's shown a lot of patience in regards to the Republicans stonewalling immigration reform and to the criticism he's received over his issuing of numerous Executive Orders, I think I've shown a lot of patience by NOT saying until now that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is totally and completely full of_______well you guys fill in the blank with your own choice of the many descriptive words that I'm sure come to mind.