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Iowa City Council To Consider Banning Open Carry Of TOY GUNS! ➡ Video

Joe Newby

If the city council of Burlington, Iowa, has its way, children will not be allowed to openly carry toy guns in public without written permission from city authorities, Iowa Gun Owners said on Facebook Monday. Moreover, children Children would be prohibited from concealing the toy guns underneath their clothing.

Iowa Gun Owners said the measure is set to be considered Monday night. The group also said that Mayor Shane McCampbell "unapologetically defended the proposal as 'forward thinking.'"

If the measure passes, children would not be allowed to play with or bring toy guns -- including spring-loaded, compressed-air, or other BB gun, airsoft gun, paint ball gun, pellet gun, or replica of a firearm -- into any public street, alley, highway, sidewalk, public way, public ground or public building without written permission of the council. The measure also includes automobiles, meaning children could not bring the toy guns into the family car without written approval.

WQAD said there is one caveat. The toys can be carried "in a way authorized for concealment by the Iowa Code pertaining to firearms," meaning a toy gun case. More

Racist Helicopters & Paint Colors!

Howard Portnoy of has been keeping track of the ridiculous claims of racism... including the supposedly racist paint colors, and racist names of missiles and helicopters in the U.S. military!

Aviva's Leg-Throwing Tantrum!

@SammyHagar ➡ Dear @SarahPalinUSA...

The former guv was stopped in her hometown of Wasilla last Wednesday for going 63 in a 45 MPH zone in her Toyota Tundra.  The cop wrote her up and she was on her way.

Palin cops to the crime, telling us, "I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying."  She didn't accept full blame, saying Sammy Hagar's, "I Can't Drive 55" on the oldies station contributed to her lead foot.

WOW ➡ @JohnKerry & @Netanyahu ➡ A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

John Kerry Gave 47 Million Dollars To Hamas ➡ Ted Cruz's Fierce Response!

Liberals Then & now...

College Students Asked To Redistribute Their GPA's To 'Less Fortunate' Students!

Many students believe that it is moral to confiscate money from hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who didn't earn it, yet don't support the same philosophy when it is applied to their GPA scores.

LOL ➡ Go Get'em Jodi! ➡ Drunk TSA Agent!

-- President Obama
-- Malaysian Airlines 
-- Josh Earnest
-- Illegal Alien Coyotes
-- Self-Driving Obama Car
-- CNN Reporter
-- First Family
-- Drunk TSA Agent
-- llegals Hide in Gas Pipeline

Real Answers To Gun Violence!

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Dathan Paterno and gun statistics expert, Dr. John Lott discuss the real answers to gun violence.

Feinstein ➡ Obama Should Give 'Increased Attention' to World Affairs Rather Than Fundraise!

Idiots On Parade ➡ Watters' World ➡ Free Stuff Edition!

Watters asks the folks of Cambridge, Massachusetts what entitlements the government should provide.

Obama Planned Border Crisis!

Dinesh D'Souza placed the blame for the border crisis solely on Barack Obama. The best-selling author and filmmaker ("America") claimed the administration has been planning this for years.

Prank Caller Destroys MSNBC's 'The Cycle'

'You're a dumbass, aren't you?'

Krauthammer ➡ The Least Obama Can Do Is Make A 'DAMNED DECISION FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE'!

Democrats Keep Insisting the Border is Secure!

The border is secure, more than ever before, Democrats are fond of saying. But they're wrong.

One epic photo!


Either Mother Nature was having one of her nice moments, or something else was at play.

But as Joe Zuniga drove southbound on I-75 yesterday, he literally had to hang up the phone and snap a picture.

What he saw completely floored him. In fact, the only thing he concluded was that something spiritual was happening.

"I was actually on the phone with my sister. It was her birthday," he told FOX 13. "I told her I had to call her back. I had to take a picture."

It was as if the interstate parted a sea of rain, leaving the open road for Florida drivers. Zuniga couldn't believe it.

He said he was passing by the Brandon Westfield Mall area around 5:30. Other people have posted similar pictures on social media.

His post to Instagram and Facebook alone was already getting a lot of traction.

Zuniga, a recording artist, is from Miami but lives in Tampa.