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More Problems in the Form of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

Point blank...our beloved America is in trouble...big scandal after scandal concerning this administration rock us to our very core. And on top of the ever-growing list of scandals we have insult after insult being lobbed at Israel...America's closest ally NOT only in the Middle East but in the world. And the latest is Obama's recently telling a meeting of American Jewish leaders that he will NOT meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until after a nuclear agreement with Iran is reached, and we know why. Why...because Barack HUSSEIN Obama fears such a meeting would have Netanyahu rightfully and in public calling to task his failed Middle-East policies thus jeopardizing his sell-out and capitulation to his fellow islamists in Iran.

But the insult of all insults is Uncle Joe 'Bite-Me' Biden last week attending a reception in recognition of Israel’s Independence Day and having the unmitigated gall to say that, “No president has ever done more to protect Israel’s security than President Barack Obama.” Does 'Uncle Joe' really think we're all as stupid and gullible as he is...I mean really.

And if the Obama administration's recent actions and words against America's closest ally was NOT bad enough...and if Hillary's many scandals do NOT add even more insult to coming to light is that 'We the People' and our beloved country were screwed yet again by this man's policies and politics...and true to form the media is trying its best to make sure it's all kept hush-hushed.

And, sadly, it's a screwing being aided by a Republican-controlled Congress...most specifically the Senate Finance Committee...too afraid of the race card being used against them to dare cross Obama or NOT give him what he wants.

So to that affect on April 16, 2015, Congress, working through the Ways & Means Committee, gave this most traitorous of all presidents authority to unilaterally 'fast track'* trade agreements that would allow foreign corporations to sue the U.S. government for actions that undermine their investment 'expectations' in their 'expected' but NOT proven future profits. Known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)** Obama will have...once this is passed...the full authority to move forward with final negotiations on agreements that could lead to a major...and I mean major...increase in the number of foreign workers coming into the U.S. and that in turn would allow for a corresponding possible loss of U.S. sovereignty...possibly giving Obama, the U.N., or a combination of both, complete control over U.S. immigration policy.

As if we do NOT have enough trouble with immigration as it if our economy and jobs numbers are NOT dismal enough...and now there is but 90 'fast tracked' days for Congress to either approve or reject in full this monstrosity...and know it will most assuredly pass as this Congress has proven time and again that they do NOT have the courage nor the fortitude to stand strong against Obama.

Remember, the TPP is akin to the other very 'questionable' free trade agreements that were put into place...agreements like NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement where 700,000 American jobs were lost); KFTA (Korean Free Trade Agreement where 70,000 jobs were lost), and the PNTR with China (Permanent Normalized Trade Agreement where 2.7 million American jobs were lost)...all being agreements that forced American workers to compete with and then lose to low-wage workers world wide.

And while it appears that the TPP is being touted to Congress as a plan to strengthen U.S. economic presence in Asia, and with its for now deliberate excluding China in this agreement, Obama is trying to make the case that this deal would allow the U.S. an excuse to intervene in trade disputes in the oil-rich South China Sea. But the ugly truth is that the TPPs financial deregulation measures would actually allow giant, multinational corporations...including oil bypass our country’s legal system thus negating any positives this deal might have once had.

But NOT to be forgotten is that the TPP is NOT a treaty per se, meaning a final 'yea' vote by Congress would result in agreements that could NOT be amended, filibustered, or 'adjusted' by U.S. legislation. And with it having NO expiration date this makes the TPP virtually impossible to be either repealed or altered in any way without a consensus of all the countries that agreed to it. In turn, simply put, this would allow the TPP to easily become international law allowing American jobs and production capacity to easily flow over towards other countries, while giving Obama free reign to change our current immigration laws in regards to employment as they are laid down in the agreements.

And did I mention that the TPP is being conducted under a cloak of secrecy...par for the Obama regime of course...with members of Congress who have seen the deal NOT allowed to disclose what’s in it and with the rest of Congress having little information on the specifics they are voting on yet they are voting on it anyway...shades of the ObamaCare vote come back to haunt and we know well how that worked out for us now don't we.

And with the media helping to spread Obama's lie that the TPP will increase trade and generate new jobs for Americans, the fact is that NOTHING could be farther from the truth as the TPP the other above mentioned free trade agreements...favors foreign workers over higher paid American workers because it directly allows for even more outsourcing of jobs than there currently is by its undercutting of worker rights; its dismantling of Americans labor laws along with environmental, health (TPP will make prescription generic drugs more expensive and less available), food safety, and financial laws (like the 'Buy American' laws that require the federal government to buy goods and services that are made in America or mostly made in this country); plus it brings American job growth and much needed export growth to a virtual stand still: and this is extremely critical...the TPP allows foreign corporations to challenge our laws in international tribunals instead of in our court system...and we all know how international tribunals tend to be decidedly anti-American in their decisions.

So while Congress can still say 'nay' to the entire deal when the final vote is taken I would NOT count on it as they have gone back on all their promises made to 'We the People' to date...remember they just confirmed Loretta Lynch (Eric Holder in a skirt)...making the dangers TPP poses to America second in their eyes to Obama's wishes.

Sad isn't it and sadder still is that Congress is now 'red.'

But there is an unexpected surprise here as even some Democrats are having problems with the TPP, most specifically with its labor standards specifications, along with the extent to which said standards will be enforceable. Remember, Democrats and organized labor want the TPP to force compliance with the International Labor Organization standards, which apparently will NOT be the case. So if TPP adopts weak or unenforceable labor requirements, American jobs and production would funnel over towards other countries in the trade pact more quickly than expected, and that will NOT sit well with the American voting public.

And both the Republicans and the Democrats know that for this agreement to work that the TPP must address the currency issue itself, meaning the U.S. dollar must remain strong comparative wise to the currencies of the other TPP countries or there will be even more incentives for major American companies to move in to countries NOT part of the TPP...where the government will use competitive devaluation as a tool that will NOT be in our favor. And this issue has NOT been addressed at all by anyone.

So the bottom line with the TPP is this...the Trans-Pacific Partnership as it now stands is a bad idea for this country NOT because the basic concept of free trade is in and of itself such a terrible idea, but because Barack HUSSEIN Obama in his capacity as president had the chance to protect the American worker from the in the loss of jobs...he knew would come from this agreement. And that along with the fact that he completely turned his back on the chance to work with the majority of Republicans who support congressional action regarding more spending on worker training and infrastructure programs that help to ensure economic growth here at home by tying it to the TPP...just proves that as always what's good for America will always NOT be good for Obama or for his anti-America agenda.

And with Mr. 'I Will Fundamentally Transform America' that truth is plain for all to see.

* Once this fast-track is enacted, only the Senate Finance Committee or House Ways & Means Committee can derail it by reverting it back to a 60-vote requirement before the final vote by negatively reporting out the implementing language of TPP. But that resolution would NOT be 'privileged' meaning House Speaker John Boehner or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could simply decline to bring it for a floor vote, thus keeping the 'fast track' in place. And sadly, both are in favor of TPP being the good little RINOS that they are.

** The TPP nations are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S., and Vietnam.


Saturday, April 25th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the 'too many hats' being thrown into the Republican ring, the truth about Iran's nukes, and Hillary's latest scandals.

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Two Lies That Will Come Back To Haunt

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

“It’s too late for Israel [to prevent an Iranian bomb]. Iran has crossed all the borders and all the constraints, and it has a first nuclear bomb in its possession, and maybe more than that.”
- Israeli journalist Shalom Yerushalmi

"As president and as commander-in-chief, I take full responsibility for all our counter terrorism operations including the one that inadvertently took the lives of Warren and Giovanni."

- Barack HUSSEIN Obama at yesterday's press conference

And so the lies and cover-ups coming from this administration continue on...

Two very important recent events have now come to the that could affect us all and one where Barack HUSSEIN Obama tries to shamefully blame the death of two hostages on an American military operation.

First the later lie...yesterday during a televised press conference Obama announced then quickly apologized that this past January a U.S. counter terrorism operation where U.S. military drones targeted and destroyed an al-Qaeda compound in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region...accidentally killed American USAID contractor Warren Weinstein and Italian aide worker Giovanni Lo Porto. And then his always obnoxious spokesmouth Josh Earnest followed up with words to the affect that Obama did NOT "specifically approve" the operations that killed the American and the Italian, but that the strikes were within the bounds of "policy guidance."

Did NOT "specifically approve"...thus trying to pass the blame for the two deaths onto the backs of our military...a military whose hands Obama has tied behind their backs each and every chance he gets.

And with Earnest adding that U.S. officials believed with "near certainty" that NO hostages were at the target site, that the strike was carried out only after "hundreds of hours of surveillance" on the al-Qaeda compound were completed, and with "near continuous surveillance in the days leading up to the operation," let me say this loud and clear...our military does NOT make these kind of mistakes...period. And Earnest saying that 'officials' are now conducting a thorough independent investigation of the operation to "ensure" that this type of incident is NEVER again repeated, the fact being oh-so hushed up is that when American hostage Kayla Mueller was killed in exactly same way earlier this year, the exact same excuse using the exact same words along with the exact same promise that it would NEVER happen again was given.

So this makes both Obama's and Earnest's words NOTHING but even more empty word to add to their repertoire...accusatory words from this military hating administration...from a Commander-in-Chief who defames then apologizes for our military every chance he gets. And this was proven by Earnest's very words that the death of the hostages "raise legitimate questions about whether additional changes (to military protocol) need to be made" as in to the protocol for our military launching counter terrorism operations. But if truth be told what both Obama and Earnest needed to say...but of course NEVER that the two men died because they did NOT care that they were in the compound...a compound they needed to destroy to make it appear as if something concrete was being done by this administration in the 'War on Terror' and for that reason 'ooops' became their 'mia culpa' de jour.

And isn't it quite odd that this 'supposedly' classified information now 'suddenly' becomes declassified when a political 'shot-in-the-arm' for the Democrats...for needed.

And, by the way, NO financial compensation now offered by Obama can bring these family's peace for with this administration money is thrown around as a panacea to make all 'problems' just go away. And I just wonder if Obama will also give money to the family of American al-Qaeda leader, Ahmed Farouq, who was also killed in the attack...knowing Obama he probably will...but this money if given will be in payment for Farouq being a martyr for the cause I'm sure.

As for the former lie, most listeners of our Right Side Patriots radio show know that both myself and my friend and partner Craig Andresen both believe...and have believed for quite some time... that Iran already is in possession of a nuclear bomb, and now it seems some in Israel think so as well and have thought so for quite a few years.

In fact, journalist Shalom Yerushalmi wrote this article's opening quote in the national daily 'Maariv' over two years ago saying that Tehran had crossed all points of NO return and already has its first nuclear weapon, and maybe even had more than one. Also, a source within the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Operations supposedly said over a year ago that Iran has acquired two nuclear bombs. And when you add in that Middle East specialist and 20-year former CIA Field Operative Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy recently said that, “The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) reporting over recent years indicates at a minimum they strongly suspect that Iran already has built nuclear warheads," you just know that all Obama's bloviations concerning this joke of a 'framework' deal are just to secure a much needed political win alone.

And if the above accusations are indeed true...and I believe they assured that Netanyahu knows this as does Obama, but the difference is that Benjamin Netanyahu must stop Iran now so that said bomb is NOT used against Israel while Barack HUSSEIN Obama is actually helping Iran to do the very thing that Netanyahu fears.

And if truth be told simple logic dictates that Iran does indeed have a bomb but what they need is a delivery system NOT to reach close by Israel but to reach the 'Great Satan'...our beloved United States of America. And with Iran NOT hiding the fact that they have been doing 'business' with North Korea to get such a system, the countdown to a nuclear armed Iran is very close at hand. And while we know North Korean ICBMs are NOT the most reliable 'guidance system-wise'...a few 'tweeks' by Iranian scientists could easily overcome those problems.

So Israel's job...Netanyahu's NOT to prevent Iran from getting what they already have but is to prevent Iran from launching first an attack against them and then against us...and NO amount of sanctions will stop Iran from doing so.

And why do I personally believe Iran already has a bomb...first, Iran has had 19,000+ centrifuges working to enrich and refine uranium for years and they continue to do so even with that farce of a 'framework' deal being worked on and second, quite simply, most high school physics students can build a weapon of mass destruction with a few parts from a hardware store, some know-how, and as long as they can find a few pounds of uranium or plutonium on Ebay (sarcastically said) to fuel it along with getting their hands on some C-4 to activate the implosion...or as long as you have a friend in the Muslim Brotherhood who happens to be a president who enables said building. And surely the Iranians have a few hardware stores, a few high school physics students walking around, scientists already working non-stop on such, and a direct phone line to America's traitor-in-chief.

Now remember simple physics as per Einstein's formula E=mc² that suggested it was possible to get 'energy' by what we now call a nuclear reaction and that the amount of 'energy' needed is quite small even for a nuclear device. Also remember that just a small amount of 'energy' is needed to efficiently increase the effectiveness of conventional explosives...conventional explosives that Iran has long had... conventional explosives that are still the basis of all nuclear bombs...and that the small amount of 'energy' needed has long since been produced and refined by those 19,000+ Iranian centrifuges merrily spinning away.

And this translates into the only things that Iran has needed all along...a more sophisticated 'implosion' method coupled with a workable delivery system. Increase the effectiveness of conventional explosives by gaining access to uranium or plutonium...which their centrifuges have already afforded them...and the first problem is solved...get a workable probably courtesy of North Korea...on which to mount said bomb...and both Tel-Aviv and let's say New York City or Washington D.C. become awash in radioactive fallout.

So while I could tell you certain specifics of how to build a nuclear bomb I dare NOT for the obvious reasons that the 'powers that be' will be mighty unhappy with me, but know that if a high school physics student can build a bomb know Iran has already built one...and if you think otherwise you are just sticking your head in the sand hiding from a reality that both Netanyahu and Obama know well.

So as Barack Hussein Obama continues to hem-and-haw about the 'breakout' time needed for Iran to become a nuclear power...which is NOT the one year he has so often claimed but which he recently has been forced to admit is but a mere few months away...that this is NOTHING but an effort to cover his very actions that have aided and abetted the enemy. But know too that even this is a lie because the simple facts I've presented show that in all probability that Iran has long had a nuclear bomb and is close to getting the much needed delivery system on which to place it, and that Obama has known this for quite some time. Also know that with Vladimir Putin's cleverly telling the world that in six to eight months Russia will be selling an anti-missile system to Iran the clock has now been set for Israel to go in and clean-up Obama's mess.

And only when Israel does what we should be doing will all Obama's 'truths' concerning Iran finally be proven to be 'lies'... and hopefully these 'lies' will be the very thing that puts this traitor...along with his equally complicit administration...behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives...and the fanatical islamic mullahs and religious zealots in Tehran will now and forever be rightfully denied the Madhi...their oh-so wanted 'Twelfth Imam.'

And so we have two more dangerous lies told...with one that can affect us all...and Congress still does NOT a thing...and sadly all I can do is sigh...

A Laughable Message To Iran That We Are Watching

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

"We don't let anyone give us warnings and threats, because we are working according to international law and regulations...we work for the security of our country and other countries." - Flotilla Admiral Habibollah Sayyar, Commander of Iran's Regular Navy

And so the game of 'leverage' begins...

Coming soon after last weeks U.N. Security Council resolution that imposed an arms embargo on leaders of the Iranian-backed Shi'ite Yemini Houthi rebel fighters...and just weeks after Obama and the P5+1 sold the U.S. and Israel out in that joke of a 'framework deal' with Iran over its nuclear ambitions...last Sunday the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and her escort ship the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy left the Persian Gulf and headed for the Arabian the waters off what Naval officials have called "maritime security operations" to ensure that vital shipping lanes remain open and safe.

And if you believe that I've got some swamp land to sell you.

So with the Roosevelt joining nine other American warships... including cruisers and destroyers carrying 'board and search' teams...teams that 'anonymous' Naval sources say will intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels...and at last report there was an Iranian convoy of eight ships nearing Yemeni waters...this is anything but a so-called routine 'operation' NO matter that our Navy has in the past conducted consensual boarding of ships.

Remember, the fact is that we do NOT have the legal authority or any authority to board Iranian-flagged ships even with the U.N. resolution in place...and yet this is was what 'anonymous' Naval sources say we will be action that could be construed as a declaration of war against action counter to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren saying, “Ships are repositioning to conduct maritime security operations, they are not going to intercept Iranian ships.”

But wasn't Yemen supposed to be at peace as in an Obama success story...that's what we were told...but once again it turns out it's just another in a long list of lies spewed by this administration.

Yemen is now a country in turmoil...a country in the grips of yet another Arab Spring gone horribly horribly wrong that we closed our embassy in Senaa in mid-February and in late March we evacuated 300 military personnel from a base in southern Yemen. Yemen...where the Houthi are battling government-backed fighters in an effort to take control of the country and where Sunni-dominated Saudi sort of a proxy war with mostly Shi'ite Iran...and a small coalition of other neighboring Arab countries who support exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi...are ending their nearly month-long airstrike operation...'Operation Decisive Storm'...against the Houthi rebels and are ready to begin a new undertaking called 'Operation Restoring Hope' which they claim will focus on security and counter terrorism.

Hoping to restore the Yemini government, the problem the Saudis now face is that the Houthi rebels still control most of the capital of Sanaa NO matter the Saudi claim that they have “degraded Houthi-controlled military infrastructure, including key buildings in the capital.” And, remember too, that the Houthi have overrun the country's northern provinces even though we gave the Saudis logistical and intelligence support...and even though Obama begrudgingly gave the Saudi coalition refueling aircraft and launched 'limited' airstrikes against the Houthi.

And this was done at the very same time Obama tried to persuade the Saudis to limit the scope of their bombing campaign against his fellow muslim brethren and to focus instead on protecting their own borders. Translation: more 'leading from behind'...more empty words and actions that were too little and too late allowing Obama to have NO direct involvement in the fighting, thus keeping him...or so he thinks...from being blamed for even more muslim deaths in a country where civilian casualties are running high and where Saudi officials in conjunction with coalition officials from the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait say their aim is to bring back Yemen's "security and stability through establishing a political process.”

'Establishing a political process' by countries where Obama released GITMO prisoners countries NOT really America's friends.

So Obama is once again 'leading from behind' in yet another foreign policy failure...another instance where Iran seems to be calling the shots...another instance where Obama is going through the motions of doing something but actually is doing NOTHING for 'leverage' and the upper-hand is what this is all about.

'Leverage'...the power or ability to act or to influence people, events, and in Obama will do and say any and everything...including playing soldier...or in this case putting on this military 'dog and pony' show of force to get that Iranian nuclear deal signed and in place before he leaves office...for his anything but stellar legacy...even if it means sending our warships off the coast of a place where they have NO legal authority to do what some Naval officials say they were sent to do. Sadly, the truth is that our military has been rendered impotent to follow through on any and all threats from Iran...threats that should be and would be handled post in you do NOT pull your warships back there will be NO nuclear deal of any sorts and even harsher sanctions will be put into place...if we had a strong leader instead of a traitor at the helm of America's ship.

Remember, Iran...who routinely calls for 'death to America' and is calling all the shots in the nuclear deal...will do what they want to do when they want to do it and Obama will NOT stop them for when all the bloviations are said and done...when the Saudi coalition does go home...and when Iran refuses to back down and withdraw their warships with Obama giving them the thumbs-up from the sidelines... pretty soon we will start seeing our warships turning around as they start heading back to 'friendly' waters having done nothing but make us even more of a laughing stock in the eyes of the world's than we already are.

Nothing to see here folks...just more of the same old same old show of American military might being rendered powerless...military might that unfortunately has Barack HUSSEIN Obama tying their hands behind their backs.


Today, Wednesday, April 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the bruhaha over gay weddings, the candidates, and the Constitution; Hillary's platform which is anything but; and U.S. warships off the coast of Yemen.

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the bruhaha over gay weddings, the candidates, and the Constitution; Hillary's platform which is anything but; and U.S. warships off the coast of Yemen.

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Gay Marriage, Gay Weddings, and the Candidates

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

Last week was a busy week for the regime...first we had Barack HUSSEIN Obama calling to task Senate Republicans for delaying a vote on his attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, and then Samantha Power, our Ambassador to the U.N., telling the foreign operations subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee that the U.S. would continue to support Israel “when it matters” but that Obama would NOT rule out the possibility that the U.S. would support anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N...or as I call them the U(seless) N(ations). Also, we had DEA agents once again cavorting with hookers but NOT a one was fired, and a postal worker went 'postal' and landed a gyrocopter on the White House lawn.

And let's NOT forget Hillary's big week as she and her mini-van headed out to Iowa to 'test the waters' if you will. Let's see...multimillionaire Ms. 'I Left the White House Broke' stiffed a waitress of a tip, parked in a handicapped parking spot and was NOT ticketed, and hid behind dark sunglasses so NO one would recognize her...the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The 'Butcher of Benghazi' did NOT want people to know it was has to wonder why.

But the big news story carried by all the media was...drum roll please...Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio...and my personal first choice...being asked in a recent interview with Fusion network's Jorge Ramos if he would attend a gay wedding...oh the inhumanity of it all.

Gay weddings have now become the media's cause de jour once again....yawn. As if we did NOT have enough of this nonsense a few weeks ago with all the bruhaha over wedding cakes and pizza being splashed all over the news almost non-stop.

NOT jobs creation, our limping economy, immigration reform, sealing our borders, Obama's sellout to Iran, or other issues of true importance but gay weddings...a social issue...a state's what the left wants brought to the forefront so it can divide we conservatives even more over religious lines just like Mitt Romney being a Mormon was used by the very same left...and successfully I might get the ubber-religious right in a tizzy. And while those candidates who have declared they will run or those whose announcements are expected to come shortly all hold the traditional view that marriage is between a man and a woman, Marco Rubio dared to say that he would attend a gay wedding, Ted Cruz told the media that since he had yet to be invited to any gay weddings he does NOT know at this point in time if he would or would NOT attend, while Jeb Bush as usual hemmed-and-hawed, and Rick Santorum said he most assuredly would NOT.

“If it's somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would,” Rubio said, adding that “I'm not going to hurt them simply because I disagree with a choice they made... you respect that because you love them.”

Very wise words in my opinion from a very wise man who knows that the issue of gay marriage is a state's issue and who does NOT let his personal religious beliefs...that marriage is between one man and one overrule the love he might have for someone who he refuses to define by their sexuality many sadly on our side do.

And what of the other 'in the media spotlight' Republican hopefuls...

Ted personal second least was honest enough to say he's NOT sure and would decide when and if he was ever asked, but also rightfully blamed the news media for trying to“twist” the same-sex marriage debate into a “battle of emotions and personalities” that comes off as though “any conservative must hate people who are gay.” And Cruz, like Rubio, also rightfully believes that questions about marriage should be left to the states and NOT be decided in court.

Scott Walker has already attended a wedding reception for a gay member of his family, while still holding onto his religious belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman. And he too, like Rubio and Cruz, believes this issue should be a state's issue and should be honored if passed and becoming law.

Jeb former once great Florida governor who should now just put a 'D' next to his name and be done with a bit more accepting to some degree of gay marriage and gay weddings in general. While NOT an endorser of marriage equality he still believes that America needs all forms of loving families, including loving same-sex parents who “should be held up as examples for others.” And one thing I will say in Jeb's favor... maybe the only thing I can say in Jeb's favor right that he too knows this issue of gay marriage as a whole is a social issue and as such belongs on the state's level, and said so during a recent Hannity interview.

However, Rick Santorum...the darling of those basing their vote on their religious convictions alone...emphatically said when asked if he would attend a gay wedding, “NO I would a person of my faith, that would be something that would be a violation of my faith.” But Santorum added that he “would love them and support them but NOT participate in that ceremony.” Now my question to Rick Santorum is this...if you love someone and support someone how can you turn your back on that someone on what to them is the happiest day of their life...that is NOT love nor is it is hypocrisy plain and simple.

As for Mike Huckabee...a genuinely good and decent man but like Rick Santorum NOT presidential material in my opinion (although he might might make a good VP choice)...a man set to announce his presumed run for the presidency on May 5th...but again like Santorum his stance on gay weddings mirrors his personal religious convictions on gay marriage in general in that he wants gay people...even those NOT of his personal practice his religion by NOT getting married. Very odd stance from the man who has said time and again on national television that he has close personal gay friends.

And last comes Rand Paul...the Libertarian dressed in the guise of a Republican... who has now flip-flopped to some degree in order to appear more conservative as just this past March, while pandering for votes when speaking to a group of pastors in Washington D.C., said that “a moral crisis is leading people to believe that same-sex marriage is's not.” This from the man who also like Rubio and Cruz once believed that gay marriage was solely up to the states to decide whether to accept it or NOT.

So why now has gay marriage and gay weddings suddenly become the issue de jour facing the Republican candidates...first, because later this month or early next month the Supreme Court is set to decide to either strike down the remaining state bans on gay marriage or leave them in place. Second, marriage in general is becoming more acceptable to people of both both parties. And third, because what better way to divide we conservative than to drive a wedge between religious conservatives and the growing number of non-religious conservatives.

Drive a wedge NO matter that Pew research polls show that 55% Americans believe that homosexuality is something people are born with and thus favor gay marriage, compared with just 21% of those who think it is just the way that some people prefer to live. And 49% of those who think homosexuality cannot be changed favor gay marriage, compared with 19% of those who think it can. And 51% believe homosexuality should be accepted, while 42% disagree.

And according to the Public Religion Research Institute more than 62% (6-in-10) of 'millennials' favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, 69% favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt children, 71% favor civil unions, and 79% favor employment discrimination protections for gay and lesbian people. And 67% of non-Christian religiously affiliated Americans, 52% Catholics, and 51% of white mainline Protestants favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

But the bottom line in all this is people love who they love thus boiling this issue down to legalities on the state's level in that committed gay couples need access to 'civil marriage'...legally binding marriage...for the same reason that heterosexual couples need it for only the law can create a family relationship between adults that will be recognized by the state and third parties...third parties like employers and insurance companies. And gay couples want the cultural status of marriage...NOT just civil unions...because that’s what people in general rightfully look for when they want to show their family and friends their commitment to each other.

And gay couples marrying in NO way affects traditional marriage for even traditional marriage officiated by a clergyperson still needs governmental legal status. And when you think about all the ubber religious who say that marriage is all about reproduction just think about all the childless 'traditional' couples you know...because they could NOT reproduce either by choice or by circumstances...does that damn them to hell in religious people's eyes...I would sincerely hope NOT.

So the bottom line is this...we have important issues facing 'We the People,' our country, and our candidates right now...Iran, our unsealed borders, our limping economy, those out to kill us all, just to name a few...who marries whom...who shares ones bed with whom...who would or would NOT attend a gay wedding...should NOT and must NOT be one of them.

Focus people focus...the true issues and priorities for the candidates and for us are in plain sight if you just open your eyes to see them.


Tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the Republican hopefuls who need to get out of the race and a secret Obama has been keeping from us about Iran and how far they've gone in their nuclear weapons quest.

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For Political Reasons Alone

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism..they should have remained on the list...and it sends a chilling message abroad that this White House is not serious about calling terrorism by its proper name."
- Sen. Marco Rubio, Republican presidential candidate and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Western Hemisphere sub-panel

Well Obama has gone and done it again as he continues on his roll to undermine America’s standing in the world...this time by removing yet another one of America's enemies from the State Department's list of terrorism sponsors. First he removed Hezbollah, then he removed Iran, and now he's removing Cuba...a country just 90-miles off Florida's coast...proving once again where his true loyalties lie.

And so this past Tuesday, more than a half century after U.S./Cuban ties were broken and mere days after a first-time meeting with Cuban President Raul Castro at the Summit of the Americas in Panama...a summit Cuba had NOT attended since its inception in 1994...but just two months after Obama extended a 19-year-old so-called state of emergency against Cuba for their threatening to shoot down U.S. airplanes or sink U.S. ships in the waters north of Cuba...this most miserable of presidents told Congress that he had made the final decision to remove Cuba from this all-important list because according to him the Cuban government "has not provided any support for international terrorism over the last six months."

Forgetting...or much more likely ignoring...that first, terrorism knows NO time frame and second, terrorism comes in many guises NOT just in the guise of suicide bombings and beheadings...and terrorism in Cuba today equates to how the Cuban people are NOT only oppressed in the political sense but are living without basic human rights, dignity, and necessities. And in a country basically stuck in the 1950s, eleven million people continue to live at a poverty level that would astound while at the same time the Castro brothers and their ilk...true to form of dictators everywhere...want for nothing.
“Since President Obama came into power, his administration’s policy toward the Castro regime has been: ask, and you shall receive." 
- Florida Rep. Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Cuba...a designated state sponsor of terror since 1982 due to its promoting armed revolution by terrorist organizations especially in Latin America and has Obama saying that Cuba "has provided assurances that it will not support acts of international terrorism in the future."

And our traitor-in-chief expects the American people...expects accept the 'word' of a dictator over the 'actions' of said dictator NO matter that Cuba continues to support and facilitate actions by other nations and groups that pose a national security threat to the United States, for example their helping North Korea evade international sanctions imposed on them by the U.N. And for these and other actions, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has said that Cuba should also remain on the terrorist list because it continues to harbor fugitives wanted in the U.S...fugitives like FBI-wanted convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard who now goes by the name Assata Shakur, and who routinely espouses revolution and terrorism against the U.S...and William Guillermo Morales, a suspect in the 1970's NYC bombings claimed by the Puerto Rican FALN terrorist group.

And know that Cuba still provides a 'safe haven' for members of both the Marxist FARC rebels out of Colombia and members of the violent Basque separatist group ETA; that Cuba illegally held and imprisoned American businessman Alan Gross for five years; and so much more but all that matters to Obama is with his removing Cuba from the terror list it could result in diplomatic relations being restored via the opening of a U.S. Embassy in Havana and a Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C...a would-be feather in his currently tarnished legacy cap.

Also of note is that we do NOT gain economically from Obama's pandering to the Castro brothers as it's Cuba's needing to 'behave correctly', if you will, if they are to start any serious attempts at economic development and recovery...a much needed development and recovery Cuba claims the long-held embargo prevented them from doing...especially with their conducting business with American banks and international institutions. But according to a New York Times report Cuba 'found' a bank to do business with even before Obama's announcement, because get this...the Treasury Department usually takes “steps to ease the situation and facilitate” any such agreement.

I was never aware of that little bit of subterfuge, but with the Obama regime anything is possible if his royal highness deems it so.

And do NOT forget that this current 'behaving correctly' by Cuba is only until Raul Castro gets what he wants from in a lifting of said embargo...for Cuba today remains as repressive and oppressive as ever. And while Obama's decision will most assuredly help the Cuban government attract both U.S. and foreign investments, the amount of American dollars needed to 'modernize' Cuba will reach up into the billions.

And what do 'We the People' get for our investment...nothing but our taxpayer dollars being used...being support and bolster yet another dictatorial regime that does NOT like us very much...sad isn't it.

But while Obama took this step to restore diplomatic relations with the communist nation unilaterally...yet another in a long list of him going it alone...saying that times have changed and that he believes Cuba is NOT the “political thorn” it had been...under U.S. federal law a country cannot be removed from the terrorist list if it has NOT changed its policies and so long as the country is still supporting acts of international terrorism. And these are things which Cuba continues to do as they have taken NO tangible steps toward democratic reform as well as their continuing to have close ties with both Iran and Syria...with Syria still being on the terrorist list...making their recently issued government statement that “Cuba rejects and condemns all acts of terrorism in all their forms and manifestations,” nothing but empty words.

Thankfully, but with the outcome for the most part predetermined, Cuba's terrorism designation must remain in place for another 45 days before it can be approved...meaning Congress can and most likely will block Obama from taking Cuba off the terror list through a joint resolution prohibiting the move, but know Obama will veto it and with NOT enough votes to override his veto Barack HUSSEIN Obama will once again screw our beloved America while further emboldening the regime of yet another dictator of yet another communist country.

And so the man who just slapped Cuban-Americans in the face by his recently saying, “We don’t want to be imprisoned by the past...when something doesn’t work for 50 years, you don’t just keep on doing it. You try something new,” forgets history's most important lesson as said by George Santayana...”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” and repeating it with a communist nation sitting but 90-miles off our coast could have very serious ramifications indeed.

Don't Be Fooled By A Deal That Might NOT Be What It Seems

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

As we all know by now Iran is expecting a special delivery package from Russia by the end of this year...a very special package in the guise of the Russian-built S-300 surface to air defense missile system. Coming on the heels of Vladimir Putin lifting a now five-year ban on delivery of this system...a system that would up Iran's military capability by giving them a strong deterrent against any air attack...this means a deterrent from an attack by Israel of course as we know Obama would dare NOT have America attack his own islamic brethren.

And we all know that Israel believes that Putin’s decision...especially considering the timing...allowing him to sell this air defense missile system to Iran is based solely upon Obama's sell-out 'framework deal' that helped to legitimize the Iranian regime in the eyes of the world. And with Israel...and Netanyahu in specific...continuing to criticize and warn the world of the dangers of a nuclear armed Iran...the truth hiding in plain site is that with Obama's leaving Iran's nuclear program largely Iran exactly what they demanded...actually puts them on the fast-track to a bomb... that is if they do NOT already have one. Netanyahu knows this, Obama knows this, and know that Vladimir Putin knows this as well.

So, now the question is why would Putin do this and especially do it now for his dislike of muslims and their corresponding nonsense is well known. And let's NOT forget that whatever Vladimir Putin is the one thing he is NOT is a stupid man, and that means there is more...much this upcoming selling of a defense system to Israel's and America's enemy than meets the eye.

Now what I'm going to propose might shock some, but if one takes the time to look at all the puzzle pieces individually before rushing to try and force the pieces to fit together, one will find that Vladimir Putin just lit the fuse to give Benjamin Netanyahu the so-called 'green light'...or at least a go in and take Iran out.

Let me explain...simply stated...Vladimir Putin just 'bitch-slapped' Barack HUSSEIN Obama for allowing negotiations to go forward with Iran in the first place. A payback to Obama that allows Putin to now negate the lawsuit placed on Russia by Iran in the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva...a lawsuit that allowed Iran to sue Russia for breech of the $800-million contract signed by both parties that would have allowed Russia to sell Iran the S-300 surface to air defense missile system back in 2007. And with Russian talking heads saying this is Putin's attempt to turn Iran into a major new market for Russian arms exports, the thing most forget is that first, Russia is the world's second-largest arms exporter raking in $13 billion last year alone, and second, Russia and Iran are already partners of sorts in the weapons business and have been for many years.

Already partners in the weapons business is critical, and remember also this anything but minor little detail...Russia and Iran are both aligned with and supporters of Bashir al-Assad's government in Syria. Routinely supplying al-Assad's forces with weapons, supplies, and much needed monetary aid, Russia gets to keep in return their much needed and coveted naval base in Tartus. And with Tartus being the Russian Navy's only Mediterranean repair and so-called 'replenishment spot', this becomes logistically very important for Russia as it spares their warships from having to waste time going through the Turkish Straights to get back to their Black Sea bases. And Russia cannot afford to lose this base from both a military and an economic perspective, because with Iran being al-Assad's greatest supporter and asset it is Iran who is holding the key as to whether al-Assad allows the Russian naval base to stay or NOT stay.

Translation: Russia and Iran must continue with their partnership of sorts even though Vladimir Putin is NO fan of nor has any use for the islamic sorts that currently are in control of Iran. my opinion...this is the most critical but NOT wildly known aspect of why Putin did what he did and why he did it at this particular time. While Netanyahu spoke to Putin by phone yesterday to convey his 'displeasure' over the decision to sell the S-300 surface to air defense missile system to Iran, Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu have been meeting with each other in Moscow over the past few years to discuss the Middle East in general and Iran in specific. They have a cordial, if you will, relationship because "The Israelis almost tacitly supported Putin in Ukraine and he won't sacrifice [the relationship] for a handful of dollars," according to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), a Moscow-based defense industry think tank.

And their relationship is so very unlike the always Obama initiated volatile goings-on between Netanyahu and himself...a relationship that is deteriorating by the day thanks to Obama's oh-so outwardly siding with Israel's enemies and his obvious hatred of Jews in general. And with Putin also being NO fan of put it mildly...this single commonality leads me to believe that in NO way did Putin NOT forewarn Netanyahu of what he was going to do, especially in light of now hearing Netanyahu's somewhat guarded and low-key response.

Remember, while Israel has much to fear from a nuclear armed Iran so does the rest of the world and that world includes Russia. And Vladimir Putin is smart enough to know that NO matter the deal he makes with Iran, Iran still cannot be trusted as long as the radical mullahs are calling the long as their goal is the establishment of a worldwide caliphate with Iran sitting at the head of the table. And, remember too, Putin's goal is the rebuilding of the once-great Russian Empire for above all else Vladimir Putin is a statist who wants 'Mother Russia' returned to her former glory...her former glory alone NOT having her sharing the 'spotlight' with those he too knows are savages out to kill us all.

So knowing all this it is NOT really that far-fetched to assume that for Putin to get what he wants for Russia the caliphate must NOT be allowed to reach fruition. So what better way to assure that than to have Israel...and most specifically Benjamin given the 'green light' to take Iran out and giving them the time frame for which to do so. And do NOT forget, this Russian deal will NOT take place for six months or longer as the missile system must still be built, delivered, and set-up. And with this deal being announced for all the world to hear, BiBi knows what needs to be done as well as the amount of time he has to get it done.

And know Israel will get the job done for if NO other reason than these two-words... 'NEVER AGAIN'...and Putin is capitalizing on these words for Russia too knows what it's like to face extermination of sorts for the days of both Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler killing millions of Russians are NOT all that long ago. 

Just something to think about...just something to consider.


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