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The War Against Those In 'Blue' Continues On

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

We all know that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a pathological liar easily proven by this one recent statement alone, “I've made the U.S. stronger, more prosperous, safer, and more influential.” Comical at best, delusional is more like it.

And while we know Obama is also a condoner of all things fact he is an well as a traitor to America and all she stands in addition comes Obama's attitude towards our police proving without a shadow of a doubt that he is indeed 'ground zero' in the race war against the police currently ongoing in America.

And the officers can be either white or doesn't matter to him. All that matters is that they wear the 'blue' uniform of those 'who serve and protect.' Forever engaging in outward defiance of common decency and decorum, this man loves to stir up the racial pot by embracing those behaving badly, especially when black thugs behave badly towards the police. He relishes in the protests against 'supposed' police brutality and he thrives on the fact that in his world white police officers are NOTHING but racist pigs and black police officers are sellouts to the white man.

'Hating the police' has become Obama's mantra as he stands alongside America's number one racist bar none...the anything but Revered Al Sharpton... and together they instigate those behaving badly into behaving even more badly. And let's NOT forget the slap in the face when Obama sent three White House officials to attend the funerals of black thugs Michael Brown and Eric Gardner, both rightfully taken down by white police officers...but sent NONE to attend the December 2014 funerals of slain Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, murdered while they were sitting eating lunch in their police cruiser by black muslim thug Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley...murdered in the name of (misplaced) revenge for thug Michael Brown. Nor did Obama attend or send 'officials' to the funerals of Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, murdered by four black thugs just last week during a routine traffic stop in Hattiesberg, Mississippi. And then there's Officer Brian Moore, shot point-blank in the face while on patrol in Queens, New York, by Demetrius Blackwell, yet another black thug, simply because he was white...NO White House representation at his funeral either...a funeral held just days ago.

But what do you expect from the man who said, “If I had son he would look like Trayvon Martin.”

Sadly, in Obama's world...a world that has shown that when a white officer shoots and kills a black thug it becomes media fodder 24/7...after all a thug's death and the ensuing mayhem are ratings bonanzas...and of course Obama puts his two-cents in defending the thug. But when a white thug or otherwise is killed by a black officer both the media and Obama remain silent...proving the fact that police lives do NO matter to him at all. Do NOT matter at all for all that matters to Obama and his ilk is the color of the skin of those behaving badly against the color of the skin of those they are behaving badly against. And when you add in that if said black thug is taken out by a white officer the white officer is always guilty in the court of black public opinion even if found innocent at trial or even if a grand jury refuses to indict at all. But even worse is the white officer is always found guilty by way of mob mentality even before a trial has taken witnessed by the recent happenings in Baltimore. And know that black-on-black violence is downplayed except when white police officers are involved...and when all is put together you just know that Obama's oh so-wanted race war has truly begun.

A black vs. white race war for sure but a race war involving class warfare as well...and a race war that's expanded to also include black thugs vs. law enforcement in general.

And a misplaced war it is especially in regards to the police for while certain race-baiting black leaders like Al Sharpton claim that young black men have always been singled out and targeted by white officers...that white police officers kill innocent blacks with impunity...actual statistics prove quite the opposite. In fact, between 2009 and 2012, 61% of all people killed by police officers were white NOT black, most being young white men. And according to FBI numbers, in the years between 2008 and 2012, of the over 400 Americans killed by the police only 24% were black, but during the 10 years from 2004 to 2013, of the 565 police officers killed, 43% of the cop-killers were black. And now add in that in 2014, of the 47 officers killed in the line of duty, 40% of them were killed by blacks, and with blacks making up just 13% of the U.S. population that number translates into blacks being five times more likely than non-blacks to kill a police officer.

And according to the newest FBI and DOJ figures, while police shootings were up 89% in 2014, those figures parallel the rise in black violence in general...figures that include blacks committing 49.4% of all murders, 32.5% of all rapes, 54.9% of all robberies, and 30.8% of all burglaries in addition to 50% of all muggings. And remember again that blacks make up but 13% of the U.S. population. And yet it's white police officers that are deemed by the race-baiters and the white-haters to be the killers of anything but innocent young black men.

But NOTHING could be further from the truth as numbers do NOT lie, and with blacks being five times more likely than whites to kill police officers you would think logic would dictate that police officers are five times more likely to kill blacks, but the above numbers show percentage wise that NOT to be the case for figured into that 49% murder number is the number of officers killed by blacks. And now add in that in today's day and age of political correctness coupled with the watchful eye of race-baiting 'never let a dead black thug' go to waste Al Sharpton, every police officer in this country knows that any violent encounter with a black thug or otherwise...especially one that results in death...could turn into a media feeding frenzy that helps to end their career and possibly send them to prison. This simply means that most police officers today are actually hesitant to shoot a black thug, sometimes with that hesitation costing them their own lives.

So the bottom line is this...while sympathy abounds for the black thugs killed by police in the line of duty...thanks to the likes of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton...and throw in Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and cop-hating white Mayor Bill de Blasio as well...NO sympathy is shown from the black community as a whole for the men and women in blue whose job it is to keep us all safe...NO matter our color...from both the black thugs committing crimes and from those behaving badly acting out in their name.

And those behaving badly are sure to act up again as late yesterday afternoon the Madison, WI, DA...the bi-racial DA...decided NOT to indict white Police Officer Matt Kenny in the shooting death of violent, high as a kite, unarmed, 19-year old black thug and armed robbery convict Tony Robertson Jr. Laying out a very concise but detailed synopsis of what actually went down that day just know that the 'element' is getting ready to behave badly once again both against the police and anyone who gets in their way.

And as the black thug's battle cry against the police of "hands up, don't shoot" will be heard throughout Madison over the next couple of days...possibly even reigniting the embers of police hatred that are finally starting to die down in Baltimore...the fact remains that sometimes NOT shooting is NOT an option even when the black thug is unarmed yet still behaving oh so very badly.


Today, Wednesday, May 13th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss racism encompassing the black war against the police and the black bilking of our welfare system. Also discussed will be the decision NOT to indict the white officer in the shooting death of Madison, WI, thug Tony Robertson, Jr.

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The Ever Rising Tide of Islam

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

We all know what occurred in Garland, Texas, last week and we all know that Pamela Geller has been turned into the villain in the war of the civilized man against the savages out to kill us all. And while the liberal media is leading the charge against her we also know that some of the talking heads on the right do NOT agree with the premise of her 'Draw Muhammad' cartoon event...but whether one agrees with Pamela's methods or NOT one must agree that Pamela Geller has brought to the forefront the dangers radical islam...all islam...poses to the very fabric of our American society.

And saddest of all...and something this attack pointed that we who live in the civilized world have become immune of sorts to the savagery done in the name of the name of allah... because our leaders seem to sit back and ignore the true reason for the atrocities committed by jihadis under the guise of religion. Sure we get snippets of beheadings and people set on fire, but the motive behind the atrocities... what the islamists want you to believe is simple blasphemy against their prophet muhammad... NEVER seems to be the prime focus of the reporting by the media in their collective attempt to make we oh so 'intolerant' Christians and Jews the enemy of the 'religion of peace.' And NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Truth...the very word that islamists fear the most is the very word that actually might help us win the war NOT just against radical islam but against all islam for it's high time we all accept the fact that islam will NEVER be compatible with our American way of life...period.

Truth...we all know that political correctness in general is the bane of us this case the catering and pandering to islamists by politicians so as NOT to appear anti-muslim...when the truth is that if any group of people deserve our collective scorn it is those who adhere to the ideology of 7th century barbarians but who are now in possession of 21st century weapons. Barbarians since the inception of islam in 632 AD, islam has been at non-stop war with the world since then. Brought to a zenith on September 11, 2001, what had up to that point mostly remained buried within the pages of history could NO longer be ignored. And islam's war against we non-believers has only gotten more emboldened since then simply because we in the West have allowed it to be so, what with our politicians and kumbaya left making excuses for those who give new meaning to the word 'savages.'

Truth...the 'savages' are growing in numbers as they work their way into civilized nations NOT to assimilate into their societies but to turn those societies basically into an adjunct of the cesspools from which they came. And with muslim numbers growing at a rate faster than any other ethnic or religious's NOT uncommon for muslim families to have eight, nine, ten or more children who in turn each then have eight, nine ten or more credence to words long feared by Israel, 'if we can't win in battle we'll win by sheer numbers.' And when you add in the complete control the radical clerics...the islamic version of Big Brother...have over the mind-set of even the so-called 'moderate muslims' just know that when these moderates do surrender...and eventually they will...islam will be poised and ready for its final conquest of Western society...of democratic society. And their game plan need NOT be tactical in nature as they can simply overwhelm the host country with sheer numbers alone.

Truth...the talking heads on both the left and the right keep claiming that it's solely the extremists who have kidnapped this so-called 'religion of peace.' But that coupled with their actually damning the heroes in favor of the villains shows to just what extent the media will go to hide NOT only their own cowardliness in speaking the truth about islam, but also in their hiding the fact that the islamists are indeed winning the propaganda war...a war just as critical to winning as is the war being fought on the battlefield.

And that in combination with the fact that the so-called 'moderate muslims' NOT only refuse to stand strong against the extremist minority but also refuse to condemn both the fatwas placed on those like American patriot Pamela Geller and the actual murders of anyone who dares to speak out against the barbarism that permeates islam, a very dangerous truth emerges...a truth that the media's and especially the 'moderate's' silence is but a wink and a nod to the actions of the enemy for in their silence comes agreement, and in agreement comes alignment, with alignment adding to the sheer numbers of those wishing to kill us all.

In fact, those numbers boil down to between 1.8 billion and (depending on whose numbers you look at) up to 2.8 billion of 'them' (with their population increasing at a rate of 1.84% per year) which currently equates to roughly between 23% to 25 % of the entire world's population...and those are numbers that must be taken very seriously. Numbers that must be taken seriously here in our own country as well for a numbers unevening of our population actually a form of 'stealth jihad' in and of its own right, and sometimes 'stealth jihad' is more effective than bombs or heads rolling in a country like ours that embraces both secular and religious freedoms.

And know that for now the only thing keeping muslims here in America 'in check' so to speak...and there are upwards of between 2 million to 7 million muslims here in America (one figure just for adults the other including underage children) their minority status. But also know that as their numbers increase...and they surely will with Obama allowing millions into this country by way of his 'pen and his phone,' coupled with the afore mentioned high birth rate, along with will start to see more acts of violent jihad within our borders. And, remember too, that some surveys show that over 50% of muslims here in America, while NOT necessarily supporters of violence per se, still support sharia law...sharia meaning 'the path' in Arabic...and want...NO demand...that sharia law be incorporated into this nation's judicial system...a clear violation of our U.S. Constitution.

Truth...always keep in mind that the basic premise that islam operates under...their driving force s to in having total control over an individual's life from birth until death...intense psychological and social conditioning including rules as to how muslims are to interact with nonbelievers...with we infidels...translating into islam being the diametric opposite of NOT only democracy but also of Christianity and Judaism as well. Islam remains the antithesis of how we Westerns think due to its absence of the all-important concept of 'free will' along with its absence of the moral compass we know as the Ten Commandments, both critical components in guiding how we Christians and Jews live our daily lives and in how we worship God. Simply, 'free will' allows for people to question, while islam demands blind unwavering and total obedience with NO questions allowed to be asked. And with the Ten Commandments laying out for the civilized man moral rights and wrongs...islam by its very actions spits in the face of Western morality, basically setting up its own moral system that its adherents must follow where wrongs are right and rights are wrong.

And islam, with its always main objective being the ultimate submission of all, has NO use for the American principal of separation of church and state. Remember, islam was, is, and always will be a political system NOT a religion for islam is theocratic in its rulings with the mullahs having the final word in interpreting the qur'an and civil law as well. And we all know the right to free speech is non-existent in islam for to speak against islam is surely ones death knell...just ask those like Pamela Geller with fatwas on their head... just ask the family of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh who was murdered over a movie he made that criticized the treatment of women under islam.

And that brings us back full circle to what we now face in the aftermath of the happenings in Garland, Texas...murder and mayhem over simple cartoons proving once and for all that islam is NOT and will NEVER be compatible with our American way of life and the sooner we all accept that...the sooner the media starts reporting the truth about islam...and the sooner the politicians stop catering to 'them' through the guise of political correctness...the better off and safer we'll all be.

The True Instigators of Hate vs. Freedom of Speech

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

“We don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields she hides behind...[W]e will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter.”
ISIS communique placing a fatwa on Pamela Geller's head

Pamela Geller and her group 'American Freedom Defense Initiative' have been the center of controversy this week because of the happenings in Garland, Texas...controversy over her right to free speech...controversy over her right to hold an event depicting the 'so-called' prophet muhammad in cartoon form. And we all know by now the unfolding chain of events that led to the rightful deaths of two homegrown muslim islamic terrorists that were hell-bent on murdering Pamela and other innocents in attendance. And while Pamela's detractors say she is a true instigator of hate, the ISIS fatwa shows to what extent those who wish to kill us all will go to in their effort to reach that nefarious goal.

“We incited no one. We didn’t call for violence, justify violence, or approve of violence,” was Pamela's response adding that, “No one is forced to kill for being insulted. Those who choose to do so are responsible for their actions. No one else is.” And how right Pamela is for one major problem facing American society today is the 'so-called' passing of the buck in the refusal of many...especially those who 'behave badly' take responsibility for their own actions.
But what remains the touch point of this entire incident is 'We the People's' right to free speech...Pamela's right, your right, and my right to say what we think without being slammed or threatened by those on the kumbaya left who sympathize with the enemy or by those 'supposedly' on our side who in reality are anything but. And being that the right to free speech is both afforded us and protects us as per the First Amendment to the Constitution, the Supreme Court still at times addresses the question of what exactly constitutes 'protected speech'...interpreting those words to mean that NO 'arm' of the government...neither federal nor state...can abridge or deny the right to free speech. Simply, the bottom line remains that “Congress shall make no law...abridging freedom of speech”...period.

And that freedom includes the right to engage in 'symbolic' speech as per Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989) and United States v. Eichman 496 U.S. 310 (1990)...and what are cartoons but individual or collective 'symbols' of people, thoughts, convictions, or ideas. But the basis of free speech goes back to James Madison who proposed the notion of 'freedom of speech' when addressing the First Congress on June 8, 1789.

In an address that adhered to the Founder's belief against minimizing the limits of what people could say coupled with their belief that open exchanges of ideas would encourage tolerance among people of opposing views...Madison proposed two separate phrases about the 'freedom of speech' be added to the Constitution, with the first phrase being that, "The people shall not be deprived or abridged of their right to speak, to write, or to publish their sentiments; and the freedom of the press, one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable," and with the second phrase being that, "No state shall violate the equal rights of conscience, or of the press." Madison's first proposal was incorporated into the First Amendment while his second proposal, rejected at first, became part of the Bill of Rights a century later...after the 14th Amendment was enacted...and remains so to this day NO matter that the media and the 'blue' states seem NOT to have any conscience at all when it concerns the free speech of conservatives.

NO conscience at all when conservatives like Pamela Geller...who is in the forefront of pointing out the dangers that 'so-called' radical islam...complete with the abomination known as Sharia Law...pose to our country...dares to speak her mind and hold an event that refuses to embrace the left's and the media's placating the wishes of the muslim occupying the White House...wishes that include acceptance of an ideology counter to all our American values, morals, and ideals. And of course the administration, the media, the left, and some on the right, refuse to accept that others may hold and express beliefs different than their own, and so they start attacking the messenger instead of attacking those who deserve to be in 'those out to kill us all.'

And one of the saddest things in this ongoing debate over Pamela Geller's right to free speech happens to revolve around those we thought were on our side...those who continue to criticize Pamela for putting on an event they claim she knew would be event they say defames and mocks all muslims for the actions of a few. And people like FOX's Bill O'Reilly do NOTHING but add fuel to this rhetoric's fire with his expressing disdain over Pamela's inviting people to draw mohammad, deliberately, according to him, provoking muslims in such a manner that she brought the attack upon herself. And why...because as per O'Reilly she knew that any depiction of muhammad is a 'supposed' sin to those who practice islam. Adding that Pamela's event was NOT about free speech, O'Relly bloviated that it had everything to do with behavior...Pamela's behavior NOT the behavior of those who ended up as chalk silhouettes on a sidewalk outside the event.

And to that I say NO way as O'Reilly and his 'supposedly' on our side bunch who are anything but are ignorant to the fact that the people they're defending are the very same people who cut others heads off simply for being Christians or Jews...need I say more. These are who they defend when they should be heralding those, like Pamela Geller, who speak out against these very savages and the things they do.

And as for those on the left who say this event in its artistic criticism of muhammad borders on...if NOT outright is...a form of 'hate speech'...speech NOT protected under the First Amendment...critics like Evan Kohlmann, NBC's terrorism expert, who on 'Hardball' said Pamela and her supporters are “trying to provoke a response from the Muslim community, and unfortunately, this was predictable” ...just do NOT get that Pamela's event actually helps to protect their right to freely criticize both her and her event without fear of physical reprisal...without fear of having a fatwa placed on their oh so cowardly heads.

And with muslim placators ignoring our Constitutionally afforded right to speak freely against islam, whether through a cartoon event or through pen to paper, comes a nightmare from which 'We the People' might NEVER wake up. Now having federal attorney's looking at ways muslim civil rights might have been violated by those posting inflammatory or negative words against either islam or muslims on social media like facebook...Obama says the Federal government may have the right...the legal imprison those exercising their First Amendment right to criticize, mock, or even insult those with their butts up in the air facing East.

NOT giving a damn about the growing persecution of Christians and Jews both here in America and worldwide, Obama and crew are holding an event on June 4th called 'Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society'...anything but coincidentally on the same day as he is set to give away part of our Second Amendment rights by signing the U(seless) N(ations) Small Arms Treaty. This event will 'supposedly' focus on muslim culture (a culture of savage barbarism if you ask me) and how that 'supposed' culture is NO different than that of any other peaceful culture or religion, clearly ignoring the fact that nearly all terrorist acts to date have been committed in the name of the name of allah...including the attack on an innocuous cartoon event. And with Obama and his media cohorts clearly trying to promote islam...choosing to protect islamist's First Amendment rights but NOT the rights of American like Pamela Geller...he and the media forget that islam is truly offensive to we Americans, our American culture, and our American way of life.

And now with muslims here in our country having been emboldened by Obama's demands that America cater and bow down to those who issued a fatwa on a patriot's head, the Obama regime nor the FBI lifts NOT a finger to protect Pamela Geller from the savages out to kill her. And the media is complicit in spewing the hate against Pamela and in turning the First Amendment into empty words written long ago in a document called the Constitution that thanks to Obama seems NO longer to be the law of our land.

And know that we must stand up for free speech...we must stand up for the Constitution...and we must NEVER allow those in power to make us afraid to criticize a 'supposed' religion responsible for so much death and suffering throughout the world. And, most importantly, we must understand that if a patriot like Pamela Geller can be turned into the villain by a regime and its media cohorts, then what happened to Pamela will happen again...I just wonder who among us will be next.

Today, Saturday, May 9th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the Senate's sell-out on Iran, the upcoming SCOTUS ObamaCare decision, the issue of free speech, and Cinco de Obama - Estúpido!!!

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Turning Heroes Into Villains and Murderers Into Victims

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

“This is a war. This is war on free speech. What are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters? Two men with rifles and backpacks attacked police outside our event. A cop was shot; his injuries are not life-threatening, thank G-d. Please keep him in your prayers. The bomb squad has been called to the event site to investigate a backpack left at the event site. The war is here.”
- Pamela Geller's words after the shooting at her Muhammad Cartoon Event

The First Amendment guarantees we Americans the right to free speech uncensored and unencumbered by those who disagree with what we are trying to say...or so we thought. The First Amendment was NEVER intended as a means to make a hero the villain nor murderers the victims...or so we thought. The First Amendment guarantees 'We the People' numerous freedoms including freedom of religion, expression, and assembly...that is until the hero...and my personal hero...was Pamela Geller and the 'supposed' victims were muslim...or more specifically muslim islamic terrorists.

Pamela Geller...deeply affected by the events of 9/11 makes sure to have 9/11 remain the touch point in her quest to warn all about the dangers islam poses to both America and our American way of life. Through her group 'Stop the Islamization of America,' Pamela helped prevent the opening of the infamous islamic community center mere blocks from what was the World Trade Center. Calling the proposed abomination the 'ground zero mosque'...a mosque that was a slap in the face to all murdered on a sunny September day...Pamela successfully pointed out that that abomination had NO right being built upon 'sacred ground' where 3000 Americans lost their lives to people just like those whom some in the media are now trying to turn into the victims of Pamela Geller's 'supposed' islamaphobia.

And a series of Pamela's campaign to display placards in public transit buses and in the major American cities... placards telling the truth about the islamic savages out to kill NOT only Jews but Christians as well... was met with condemnation by those wishing to stop her right NOT only to display the truth about those out to kill us all, but to deny Pamela Geller her First Amendment right to freely speak her mind. Thankfully, the placards went up as the courts rightfully ruled in her favor and against those who consider Pamela "the anti-Muslim movement's most visible and flamboyant figurehead"..a mantle she oh so proudly wears.

And now as Pamela's in conjunction with her American Freedom Defense Initiative's 'Muhammad Art Exhibit & Contest' at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas was wrapping up...muslim islamic terrorists Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson...both armed with assault rifles and both having the intention of killing as many of the participants and attendees as they could...opened fire outside the contest hall injuring one unarmed police officer but resulting in their own deaths when other officers fired back. And all this over a contest organized to stand up for free speech after the nightmare of Charlie Hebdo with its violence and death over simple drawings of Muhammad...drawings considered offensive by muslims but really who cares what they think as everything seems to be offense to them...this contest also featured speeches by Pamela and Geert Wilders (a Dutch lawmaker who wants the qur'an banned in Holland...wish it was banned here too). And with possible but NOT yet verified ties to ISIS...these two savage's deaths have once again brought Pamela Geller into the spotlight but NOT as the hero she is but as an instigator of hate.

And so the kumbaya sorts...liberal talking heads and some 'supposedly' on our side...some like ubber-mouth Donald Trump...came out in force to imply that Pamela...a staunch advocate for Christians, Jews, and even muslims who have been 'victimized' by muslim islamic terrorists...was the true villain and that together with those of us who support her were as much an obstacle to freedom as were the very muslim islamic terrorists...and it is my right to call these savages exactly what they are...NO matter that their intent was to murder Pamela, her partner Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders...and collateral damage be damned.

So while the left and kumbaya sorts say this contest was a deliberately staged anti-islam event used as bait for attention...the liberal talking heads and some 'supposedly' on our side refuse to understand that attention is two-fold...both good and bad...and in this case the attention was good proving through their actions alone that we are indeed at war with those who will NOT abide even the most innocuous criticism of their so-called prophet or of islam as a whole. And while 'We the People's' right to free speech is attacked and infringed upon almost daily by both islamists...and I refer to most muslims as islamists because if you do NOT outwardly condemn the jihadists than you condone them...and the liberal left who want us to censor ourselves, if you will, so as NOT to upset the sensibilities of those out to kill us all...the bottom line is that if these savages are sent into a murderous rage over a simple cartoon contest do you really think they can ever become part of the fabric of American society. I for one do NOT...especially when the Obama controlled media is totally in support of the jihadis as witnessed how they report little on muslims behaving badly yet page one news becomes those like Pamela who publicly condemn or criticize the enemy.

Such is the case with Pamela Geller but trying to blame Pamela for what happened in Texas...trying to call her an instigator...a NOT only an attack on her first amendment right to free speech but is also an attack on 'We the People's' collective right to free speech...a right which is slowly being eroded away NOT only in regards to the pandering to muslims initiated by the muslim residing in the White House, but is also being eroded away in the guise of our right to use certain words that criticize or condemn some in another minority group...which according to the First Amendment is our right to do whether they like it or NOT.

And that minority group is the small percentage of blacks that seem to be calling all the shots and being the voice for the black community as a whole, because like with the muslims the majority of blacks refuse to silence the minority of blacks behaving badly. Angry as we all know over the 'rightful' shootings in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City, and elsewhere, those blacks behaving badly now have made it clear that any white person who uses the words 'thug', 'element', 'hoodlum', and other such words...including the N-word that they routinely use in describing or greeting each other...are racists deserving of their ire...deserving of their particular form of ire in the guise of vigilante justice consisting of rioting, looting, and setting cities ablaze.

So when the smoke clears and the muslim islamic terrorists calm down a bit over their itty-bitty feelings having been hurt by something as simple as a cartoon, the fact remains that free speech is indeed under attack here in America, and Pamela Geller's event was right in pointing that out.  And why...sadly because for some pointing out problems is simply NOT enough...for some the problems will only hit home when savages act up and show themselves behaving badly.

So I leave you with these wise words from my hero and friend, the true American patriot Pamela Geller, “If we don’t show the jihadists that they will not frighten us into silence, the jihad against freedom will only grow more virulent.”

And how right Pamela...who now has an ISIS issued fatwa on her for it must be understood that we are at war with islam...all islam for like muslim Turkish Prime Minister Recip Edrogen says there is NO radical islam and NO moderate islam as there is only one islam...and the sooner we all accept that as fact the sooner we can effectively fight back and save our beloved America and all we hold America from muslim islamist acts of terror and save America from the traitorous islamist residing in the While House...and it is my still in effect First Amendment right to freely say that. 

To Placate and Angry Mob

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for 'no justice, no peace.' Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man." 
- Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

And here we go folks...the federal government, under the watchful eye of the Obama regime, will now boldly go where they shouldn’t...into local municipal police departments and the tactic being employed will surely lead to grabbing power away from local law enforcement in exactly the same way the feds managed to grab land from the states as outlined in our 'Land Grab' series.

Obama is set to award some $20 million dollars in federal grants to local police departments for the purpose of buying body cams for officers and that’s just the beginning. The total package of this ‘gift’ to local law enforcement is $75 million dollars and it seems to have the backing of Congress.

Should local law enforcement officers be outfitted with body cams? Yes.

Should they be glad-handing to the federal government for the funds? Absolutely not.

Absolutely not for when they do, and they will so as not to strain already tight budgets, they will become as beholding to the federal government as the states have become, and as soon as the feds have their hooks into police departments far and wide it’s out with local enforcement and in with federal enforcement making it just that much easier for the feds to control the populous.

A wild theory? A conspiracy theory? You can call it either if that makes you happy but the facts are not in your favor. Remember back in 2008 when Obama called for a 'civilian security force' and conservatives thought he was implying that he wanted to start up his own, personal paramilitary group from scratch. Well, why scratch when the personnel already exist, in uniform, and are dispersed throughout the country in every city and town from sea to shining sea.

And the facts that have recently unfolded...facts laid down in Ferguson that have now funneled over into Baltimore, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that facts have been influenced by collusion on the part of some involved...involved not in the rioting per se, but in implementing what failed in Ferguson becoming reality in Baltimore.

Fact one: On December 18, 2014, Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. This task force sought 'expertise' from stakeholders and input from the public to identify 'best practices' and make recommendations to Obama that would ultimately help lower crime rates, build trust, and cultivate stronger relationships between police and their communities. Submitted to Obama on March 2,  2015 (read the entire task force report here:, here's an interesting side-note to this report...instead of calling the main sections 'chapters' like is normally done, the main sections are called 'pillars' in the 'Five Pillars of Islam'...just something to think about as we've never seen that done in official government reports before.

Fact two: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Secretary of the DNC, was a key player in the Obama/Holder plan to federalize local law enforcement as she was one of three mayors who provided testimony to the above mentioned task force, which included the plan to trade federal tax dollars to local police departments in the guise of funding, in return for control of those police departments. And Baltimore has laid the groundwork for Obama's plan as the current unrest will be used to justify the expansion of federal power into Baltimore's local law enforcement, thus allowing the mayor to receive more federal funding.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has for now gambled and won…receiving more federal funding for her city in the form of a portion of the initial $20 million dollars Obama is ‘granting’ for the purchase of police body cams and along with it comes her opportunity to parlay her propel her...from a relatively minor position as Secretary of the Democratic National Committee into a higher more powerful political position in the future.

Fact three: Collusion abounds in this case to the point where a local Fraternal Order of Police lodge (rightfully) asked Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby before the press conference announcing the indictment to appoint a special prosecutor to avoid both the appearance of impropriety and to assure that a violation of the 'Professional Rules of Professional Responsibility' does not rear its ugly head. Because of her personal connection to the Gray family's attorney, William H. 'Billy' Murphy Jr., and her marriage to City Councilman Nick Mosby, the FOP believed that the councilman's political future would be directly impacted by this case no matter the outcome of the investigation or the jury decision.

Obviously, Billy Murphy knows that any attorney who can successfully represent the family of someone whose life ended in relationship to a police arrest or event will gain national recognition and an extended element of 15 minutes of fame as well as an ongoing source of income as long as racial tensions between police and black youth remain a tinder box. For her part, State Attorney Mosby knows she will be running for reelection down the road and a successful teaming with the attorney of record for Freddie Gray’s family, not to mention her biggest campaign donor, will put her and her political ambitions front and center in the oh-so-blue state of Maryland for years to come.

Fact four: A leading firm that does government data mining has found, through social media, a core group of 'accounts' engaged in online activity in Ferguson that was tied by 'time specifics' to key activities during those riots late last year. That would indicate almost nothing on its own, however that exact same core group of 'accounts' have now been spotted in Baltimore and once again, the social media chatter of that same core group was 'time specific' to events regarding last week’s riots in Baltimore.

What we can garner from this data mining revelation is that the events both in Ferguson and in Baltimore were orchestrated. One group of people, on the ground in both locations while they actually lived in neither location engaged in a flurry of social media activity which was, in both cases, directly followed by the outbreak of violence. This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s 'Rules for Radicals' and was first employed, most likely as a dry run, during the Occupy Wall Street events. Seeing it work there, and with some fine tuning, it was again deployed in Ferguson and now in Baltimore. It is the cyber version of community organizing.

Fact five: Using the podium as a bully pulpit to deliver not a simple statement of indictment but as a platform for political discourse, revenge, and vigilante justice, Mosby completely ignored the medical aspect of this case that found Freddie Gray died as a result of slamming his head against the inside of a police van, breaking his neck. He did not die from a crushed windpipe as some claim (proven by the fact that he was yelling and screaming) nor was his spine 80% severed as family attorney Bill Murphy had claimed, yet none of this was mentioned when Mosby stood before the cameras and declared for all to hear, and I quote, that, "Mr. Gray's death was a homicide," basically declaring the officers guilty before the case even went to court. For that alone she should be immediately removed from office as Mosby should have said 'Mr. Gray's death was consistent with a homicide' so as not to prejudge the defendants or sway any future grand jury members.

Immediately responding to the indictment, the local police union called the decision a rush to judgment without getting all the evidence, with attorney Michael Davey saying, "The officers did nothing wrong...these injuries did not occur as a result of any action or inaction on the part of these officers." And how right he is as the charges themselves were somewhat of an overkill as no cop woke up that fateful day with the intention of murdering anyone. Announcing the stiffest charge of second-degree 'depraved heart' murder...a legal term for an action that demonstrates a 'callous disregard for human life' that results in death...against Officer Caesar Goodson, the driver of the police van, the other officers* each face charges of involuntary manslaughter, assault, and illegal arrest... an illegal arrest that was anything but as Gray was reportedly seen in the act of selling drugs in addition to the fact that an 'active' arrest warrant was out on him having been issued on March 15th.

Now that we've stated a few key facts here's something else to consider...have you ever heard of the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice?'

Sounds innocuous doesn’t it? Sounds trustworthy and who doesn’t want justice right?

Well, don’t be lured in by a wolf dressed as a sheep. The 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,' is a front for a nationalized police force and it is the title given for public consumption to the Eric Holder initiated program which names six cities, Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Stockton, California; Birmingham, Alabama; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; as the first to have their local police departments placed under federal control.

Each of the named cities has commonalities. They have a high minority population and thus, as demographics show, a high number of registered democrats, and as we are well aware, a high number of people receiving various welfare dollars. Also, Minneapolis has an inordinately high number of muslims in their population.

Under the program, the under the control of Loretta Lynch,...will engage in “training, mentoring, expert consultations, and assistance on racial reconciliation directly to police departments and communities across America through the Office of Justice Programs’ Diagnostic Center.” Further…the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,' will...“evaluate how the city has addressed procedural justice, racial reconciliation, implicit bias, violence prevention, and goals around subpopulations such as high-risk youth, victims of crime, victims of domestic violence, and the LGBTQI community.”

So what was it again that Mosby said at the end of her press conference last Friday regarding the indictments of the six police officers? “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for 'no justice, no peace.' Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man."

"You’re at the forefront of this cause, and as young people, our time is now."

“Our time is now,” is a phrase that Mosby has used in every speech she has given as the Maryland State Attorney and it is significant for this reason...on March 2nd, in announcing the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,'  a need based on the Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin cases...cases which required manufacturing of lies as substitutes for the facts and the community organizing skills attached to social media flame throwing Obama stated...“The moment is now for us to make these changes. We have a great opportunity coming out of some great conflict and tragedy to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations so that everybody feels safer and our law enforcement officers feel — rather than being embattled — feel fully supported. We need to seize that opportunity.”

Now isn't it interesting that all those involved in the so-wanted takeover of our local police departments all seem to say the exact same words. Indoctrination through the many resulted in the few being in control was and still is the plan and Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are the conduits by which Obama plans to take over the Baltimore PD.

And if you think a nationalized police force will in any way restrict policing powers in relation to the public...think again as nationalized police forces in socialistic nations have almost limitless powers over the people. Just remember back to 1930's Germany when their police were nationalized...'for their own good'...eventually giving rise to the notorious Schutzstaffel ('Protective Echelon'), otherwise known as the Waffen SS.

So folks, Baltimore is in danger of actually now becoming ground zero of Obama's version of the SS, and all because of a thug named Freddie Gray and those 'behaving badly.'
* The six officers indicted are Officer Caesar Goodson, Officer William Porter, Lt. Brian Rice, Officer Edward Nero, Officer Garrett Miller and Sgt. Alicia White.